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The most influential technology to come to the vending industry in decades, iVend™ allows your vending equipment to keep providing your customers with the products they want without hang-ups.  

How It Works 

iVend™ is an infrared light sensing unit consisting of a light emitter and receiver mounted on each side of the delivery box. 

During the first vend cycle, if a product is not sensed by a beam of the iVend™ system, the system waits one second then initiates a second vend cycle and rotates the helix until the product is sensed as dropped. 

If a product is still not sensed as dropped by the iVend™ system after a full rotation to the home position, the selection will be considered empty or sold out. 

The customer's credit will be restored and will allow another selection to be made.  The selection is then automatically reinstated for future vends. 

Your customer is always satisfied. 







• Improved vending reliability 


• Re-establishes credit or refunds money 


• Consistent home position 


• Sensor self calibration 


• Sensor fail safe calibration 


• Machine operates conventionally in the event sensors are inoperative 


• Operates in outdoor environment and low light conditions 


• Reduces service calls 


• Minimizes the vending of a "bonus" product 


• Tracks number of sensed vends helping operator identify improper loading or spiral choice. 






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