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Soda Vending Machine History

Soda Vending Machine History 





Wittern Group - 75th Anniversary 


soda vending machine 


We have been one of the leading manufacturers of the cold drink vending machine for many years. Through acquisition we focused on the beverage vending industry. 




    Late 1960's - Bank of Vending Machines 



Late 1960's - 

Our Mod-U-Line was our first entry into the cold drink beverages. We contracted with a company by the name of La Cross Cooler, to private label a soda vendor for us. At the time, these units were in high demand at most of the gas stations across the United States. These soda machines were unique to the vending industry. They were much taller than the standard beverage machine today. 



Early in the 1970's -  


We acquired Selectivend from another leading manufacturer of the beverage industry by the name of Cornelius. This acquisition launched us into becoming a full line manufacturer of vending machines. This cold drink vendor delivered cold cans of product like Coke, Pepsi, and 7-Up to the consumer. And the ease of filling this beverage machine was a big plus for our vendor network.    

Selectivend Vending Machine 




Can Vending Machine 




During the 1980's -  


We saw a big demand on providing different sizes of soda machines. We introduced the Bertha, Can Mart Series, CD6, Midsize CD8, CD8, and CD10. This allowed a vending location the ability to place a cold drink machine in about any available space. Advancement in the soda machine industry was the introduction to the bill acceptor. This increased sales in the beverage industry by 30 percent. 




1990's - 


We changed our cold drink machines from a can vendor to a bottle and can vendor. This technology provided different shapes and sizes of products from the beverage industry to utilize one soda machine to dispense different type of beverages. 

Soda Vending Machine 


Drink Vending Machine 




2000's - 


Today a soda vending machine can have more features than you can imagine. Just think of a cold drink machine that keeps inventory of space to sales, designed for outside environment, as well as providing technology platforms to download data on the internet, self diagnoses, and much more.    



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