Did you see the Ebonite Pro-Shop at the International Bowl Expo?

Late June, the team at Fawn Vending /  Vending.com set up shop at the BPAA International Bowl Expo and had the pleasure of showcasing some of our newest machines. The Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America, Inc.’s yearly expo features innovative products and supplies while also holding seminars on topics relevant to the industry.

Offering Factory Direct vending equipment for snack, drink and Pro Shop Supplies, Vending.com was pleased to feature the new-for-2018Round the Clock Ebonite Pro Shop bowling accessory vendor, demonstrating its versatility, profitability and merchandising capabilities for bowling center operators.

International Bowl Expo

Available exclusively from Fawn Vendors / Vending.com, one of the nation’s leaders in vending machine manufacturing and merchandising, the Ebonite Pro Shop was specifically designed to accommodate bowlers’ needs and provide pro shops with the absolute best impulse-purchase profit-making opportunity in the industry today.


The ‘Round the Clock Ebonite Pro Shop features 24/7 accessibility and is fitted with proven, high-demand Ebonite products packaged for the all-important impulse purchase environment – an absolute must for vending success.  A Free Ebonite Product Starter Kit with a retail value in excess of $700 is included with the machine to help shop operators start selling from day-one. Ebonite is a fast growing leader in the bowling accessories and products industry.

Equipped with standard cash acceptors and credit/debit reader, bowlers can easily purchase products with their currency at hand.

Securing one of these merchandisers couldn’t be easier with one of Fawn Vendors factory financing plans and new owners will appreciate the rugged dependability of this vendor backed by a full warranty. Fawn has been serving the bowling industry since 1931 and is ready to help with any automated merchandising needs including a full line of vendors for snacks and drinks, refrigerated food and frozen dessert products to supplement your current counter sales.

International Bowl Expo

The MarketOne Snack Merchandiser was another vending star at the 2018 International Bowl Expo, featuring all the latest in merchandising and payment system technology. The machine offers a whopping 40 selections of chips, candy, gum, mints and pastries and comes with adjustable flex trays that can fit many shapes of products. Featuring a PayRange® mobile payment system, a 10.1” touch screen, an iVend® money back delivery sensor system, class leading energy saving specs and full sales and accounting features – this vending machine is a no brainer. On top of all that, this vending machine is fully ADA compliant.

And of course, who wouldn’t love those quirky bowling theme graphics?

Contact Fawn Vendors today at 1-800-548-1982 or email info@vending.com for information on the ‘Round the Clock Ebonite Pro Shop or any vending merchandising needs. 

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Do you need more funds for activities and after-hours programs?

Vending MachinesLooking for a fundraising idea to help your religious organization, non-profit activities or after-hours programs? Why not give vending a try. With years of experience, vending.com has what it takes to help you succeed. We can help your church generate extra funds today with no hassle and no initial cash outlay!

Our program is simple.  Fill the machine with your choice of snacks and cold drinks and watch the sales go up. Only six (6) product sales per day with the Express Combo Vending Machine for sale will cover the cost of your machine. Any additional product sales are 100% profit for your church functions. Fund your after-hours program while making sure no stomachs are growling.

Don’t take our word for it – see what our customers have to say about Vending.com.

“We came across Vending.com during our search for a vending machine for our Youth Ministry. We were impressed with the timely response and in-depth product knowledge of our Vending.com account representative. Our machine paid for itself in only nine months and serves as a profitable income stream for our Youth Department.”  

Min. Gabrielle B. Mills

Rose Hill Church – Baton Rouge, LA

Not sure how to get started? We have you covered. We can design a program that suits the unique needs of both your organization  and the program you wish to fund.

Plus, we’ll even help you customize your machine so that people know that they are helping a good cause – which will lead to even more sales and reaching your goals even faster!

Need any more reasons?

  • Flexibility
  • Your choice of snacks and drinks
  • Assistance every step of the way
  • Our world-famous service and commitment to quality

Have questions? Ready to give it a try? Give us a call at 1-855-712-8693 or fill out this form.

Trimline II combo vending machine

Trimline II Combo Financing Special!

Vending.com is excited to introduce our brand new, limited-time financing special on the new Trimline II Combo Vending Machine! With our new financing special you can pay off your monthly finance payment for the machine and generate $70 in profit with a mere 12 sales a day. With its new state of the art technology, the Trimline II Combo can easily help you bring your vending business to the next level.

Who doesn’t love a snack and a cold drink? The Trimline II Combo scratches both itches at the same time while looking sleek and providing you with the profit you need to stay ahead.

Features of the Trimline II Combo Vending Machine:

  • Can host a wide range of both snacks and cold drinks 29 different snack/drink selections
  • ADA Compliant
  • Credit/Debit capable
  • Accounting mode to monitor transactions and data
  • LIFETIME toll free support
  • Electronic controller
  • iVend® Delivery Sensor System
  • Lighted Braille system

With benefits like these, taking advantage of this offer makes clear sense.  Satisfy the need to pay for the machine while creating revenue and benefiting your bottom line.

Learn more and apply for our limited time financing special today!


Until next time!


About Vending.com

Vending.com brings together a multitude of vending expertise through our circle of services. Everything you need to start, grow, or manage your vending business is provided through our easy online access. We provide vending services, financing, vending industry news, technical repair, parts and much more. Vending.com is one of the companies under the Wittern Group umbrella. Whether you are an entrepreneur starting your own vending machine business or expanding your current business, Vending.com offers you a full range of vending machines, financing, location assistance and other services to meet all of your vending needs. As a full-line vending sales company we provide customers nationwide with the right equipment for their client’s location. Our large selection of snack, soda machines, hot beverage, cold and frozen food and other quality vending machines can be configured and customized to fit any size location from small businesses to large factories. Let our network of vending machine companies go to work for you.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle With a Used Vending Machine

Reduce, reuse and recycle – purchasing a refurbished vending machine is a great way to eliminate waste, care for your environment and save some money on what is essentially a like-new machine!

All of our used vending machines are factory-remanufactured and certified by our trained experts to meet the industry’s highest standards for maximum performance. All of our refurbished vending machine come with a one-year limited parts warranty and a 90-day parts warranty on accessory components including coin acceptors, bill acceptors and control boards.

Limited on budget? Not sure if you want to commit to a brand-new vending machine? No worries –  we offer 100% financing. Our used snack machines start at as low as $79.35 per month and our drink machines start at as low as $97.35 per month. The profit on only five sales a day can pay for your machines! Additionally, Vending,com offers FREE White Glove Premium delivery – a $345 value.

Our used vending machines:Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

6 Selection Stand Alone Soda Drink Vending Machine

This sleek vending machine fits in the space of a file cabinet! This machine allows for 6 selections and has the ability to vend 144 bottles, 312 cans or a combination of both bottles and cans. Call us at 1-855-712-8734 for more info on this used machine!

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

10 Selection Soda Drink Vending Machine

Style, variety and capacity. This newer can & bottle drink vending machine offers 10 selections of your customers’ favorite national brand canned and  bottled beverages. Call us at 1-855-712-8734 for more info on this used machine!

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Trimline II Combo Vending Machine

Satisfy your customers and employees with their favorite snacks and beverages with the spacious Trimline II Refreshment Center.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

30 Selection Elevator Vending Machine

Designed to provide the best food service available, the 30 Selection Elevator Vending Machine offers a wide variety of meals, sandwiches, salads, dairy, fresh fruit & beverages that are softly served via a patented elevator delivery.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Used 40 Selection Snack/Candy Vending Machine

With 15 snack, 18 candy and snack cracker, 2 gum & mint and 5 pastry selections, this vending machine has the selection and capacity that a large location demands. Call us at 1-855-712-8734 for more info on this used machine!


Call today at 1-855-712-8734 to find out all machine options currently available as inventory changes daily.

Used vending machines are a great affordable option for those on a budget. Satisfy your vending needs and stay within budget with Vending.com.

Until next time!



Which Vending Machine is Right for You?

We at Vending.com offer different types of snack & drink vending machines, from our new MarketOne Snack 5W to our AB Frozen Food Vending Machine that vends frozen packaged meals, sandwiches,  and wraps to our Express Combo Vending Machine, a vending machine that dispenses chips, candy, crackers, pastries, Pepsi®, Coca-Cola® and other beverages all in one.

However, there are many other types of vending machines out there! Which one is right for you and your workspace?

Combo Snack and Drink: This is the classic vending machine, ideal for any office or hospitality environment. Everyone needs a pick-me-up sometime and what better way than a nice snack or Coke? Check out our full selection here.

Coffee: Another great pick-me-up for the office! Increase productivity in the workplace AND make your employees happy with a warm cup-a-Joe. Kill two birds in one stone. Check out our coffee vending selection here!

Refrigerated and Frozen Food: Cold and frozen food vending machines offer a large selection of sandwiches, microwavable meals, dairy products, and ice cream.

These vending machines are perfect for customers who don’t have time to go anywhere for lunch, but need a full meal. With the ability to vend cold or frozen foods you can offer customers a large selection of satisfying food choices that not only fit their budget, but time allowance as well. These food vending machines are also great for vending frozen foods or ice cream treats. Microwavable meals and dairy products give that added push for customer satisfaction. Check out our food vending selection here!

Snack: Vend candy, nuts, granola, chips and gum from the comfort of your office! Perfect for customers and employees looking for that snack time pick-me-up. Customers see exactly what they are getting when they make choices from our snack vending machines. Check out our snack vending selection here!

Cold Drink: Drink vending machines are a must in today’s busy lifestyles. They’re the first thing people turn to when they’re trying to keep a schedule, but don’t have time to stop somewhere to find the drink they need. Good locations for drink vending machines are usually areas where people are busy working and need something to drink quick! For added convenience, our drink vending machines can be placed in high traffic areas to fit any size space needed.  Check out our drink vending selection here!

Custom: Need something a little more customizable? Not a problem. Whatever specialized business vending needs you have,  we’re able to provide what you’re looking for. Check out our custom vending machines here!


So, which one is it going to be?


Until next time,

Drink Up!

Did you know water makes up over 50% of your body? Of course you did – everyone knows it’s super important to stay hydrated!

Unfortunately, most people aren’t drinking enough in a day.  Everyone is different but on average, we should all be drinking about 8 glasses a day give or take depending on your body and lifestyle.

An easy way to keep yourself, your employees, and your customers hydrated and happy is to have a drink vending machine at your place of work.

Vending.com’s drink vending machines can be placed in high traffic areas to fit any size space needed. Our vending equipment is capable of vending cans and bottles, soda, dairy, sport drinks or water options. Good locations for drink vending machines are usually areas where people are looking for that quick pick me up! Think break room or office kitchen.

Our Vending Machines

6 Selection Satellite Vending Machine

The green AB 6/300 Satellite vends most beverage containers on the market including twelve ounce cans, twenty and twenty-four ounce bottles, and even sixteen ounce bottled water. Space is always an issue, especially when it comes to vending locations. The six selection cold drink satellite vending machine provides the key to reducing your vending footprint! Learn more here.

10 Selection Drink Vending Machine

The AB 10/500 vends most beverage containers on the market including twelve ounce cans, twenty and twenty four ounce bottles, and even sixteen ounce bottled water. A bright eye catching back-lit graphic sign and lighted product display helps draw in customers. Energy saving LED lighting enhances product presentation promoting more sales and means no bulb servicing for 5 years! The guaranteed delivery sensor system on this bottle vending machine keeps customers satisfied and reduces service calls for misloaded product. Learn more here.

40 Selection Soda Drink Vending Machine

Give your customers the variety they deserve! The AB 40/240E selection Beverage Center is one of the most versatile beverage merchandisers on the market and delivers all your customers favorite carbonated beverages, juices, dairy and energy drinks via a patented elevator delivery system. Equipped with the latest in electronic controls, an electronic coin changer and bill acceptor as well as our money back vend sensing technology, this vendor is one of the most versatile and profitable machines available.

Until next time,


We Believe in Our Affiliates

Our affiliates are valued partners of Vending.com. Rest assured, if we didn’t believe in a company, we wouldn’t work with them! We’re excited to introduce you to our affiliates and we’re sure you’ll love them as much as we do.

Continue reading to learn more about them!


Charitable Vending is a free vending service for any company or organization nationwide! Check them out if you’re interested in a vending service that donates to charity.



This vending affiliate of ours caters specifically for healthier lifestyles. Give your customers a healthy vending machine with nutritious options for better lifestyle choices. They even have a school program that can customize vending machines with school logos and colors!



IVA is a vending management company established in 1993. They manage vending services and equipment for all types of businesses all across the USA – only with brand new equipment that is energy efficient to boot!



FinancingVending.com works with our customers to arrange the most suitable financing program for them and their businesses. They have over 52 years of experience in the industry – needless to say, you’re in good hands!



Vendnet is the leader in the vending machine parts and service industry. They’ll be able to provide the technical expertise and the parts/services that you might need!



The Wittern Group is Vending.com’s parent company which boasts a proud 85 year history of quality products and dependable service.

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Free Vending Machine – Yep, Totally Free

Free Vending Machine

Interested? We thought you might be! If you didn’t already know, we’re offering free, full-service vending programs for business owners! Now you know. Brighten up the office environment for your employees and clients with a completely complementary, free vending machine, all costs and servicing included.

Some Info:


Free Vending – Full-Service Program is designed for businesses that want to place one of our already affordable vending machines at their facilities without having to purchase and service the vending machines themselves.


Because purchasing or servicing vending machines for your location isn’t something you might want to do, but it sure would be nice if someone else did it. For healthier vending options, visit our affiliate page for healthy vending machines for sale!


The Full-Service Vending Program comes at NO COST to you. Vending.com provides you with free, high-quality vending machines stocked with your choice of drinks, snacks or food! Our Operators will stock and service the machines as needed, and you could even earn a commission off your vending machine sales.


You get a vending machine at zero cost to you. Yep, zero! Your employees are happy, your customers are happy, your business is happy and you’re happy. Not a bad deal at all, we’d say.

Until next time,


Top 10 Must-Have Snacks for Your Vending Machine

Top 10 Must-Have Snacks for Your Vending Machine

Americans sure like snack foods! Snack vending machines are wildly popular throughout the 50 states because the convenience of delicious snack foods at great prices is an unbeatable combination. When you purchase a vending machine, you should do some research into what items to stock in your machine. How do you conduct this research?

Take a look at those who populate the area you’d like to install the machine. If you’re a medical facility, perhaps people are looking for healthier options, and/or sugar-rush inducing options. Ask your employees/patrons what they’d like to see. IIf you’re still unsure about what to stock in the machine, take a look at our Top 10 Must-Have Vending Machine Snacks for some inspiration:

10: Crackers (cheese, peanut butter, etc. )

9: Bars (nut bars, granola bars, nutrition bars etc. )

8: Cookies (sugar cookies, chocolate chip, Oreos™, etc. )

7: Nuts (peanuts, cashews, almonds, etc.)

6: Breath mints (gum, sucking candies, etc.)

5: Chips (wavy, barbeque, Pringles™, etc.)

4: Gum (fruity, cinnamon, long-lasting, etc.)

3: Chocolate (Hershey™, Mars™, etc.)

2: Pretzels (salted, mini, etc.)

1: Candy – from Mike and Ikes™ to Starbursts™, and anything in between, candy is always a must-have in every machine.

If you have any questions about stocking your snack and/or food vending machine, get in touch with one of our representatives! We’d love to help make this process as smooth as possible. Still looking for the perfect snack machine? We’ve got you covered. Visit the Vending.com site and browse our amazing vending machines for sale.


The Vending.com Customer Assurance Program

The Vending.com Customer Assurance Program

Why join Vending.com’s Customer Assurance Program?

If you’re Vending.com customer, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Vending.com’s Customer Assurance Program provides customers with an Extended Parts Warranty and Maintenance Program on new models of machines. This provides YOU,  the customer, the  assurance that your equipment is covered and will run trouble-free for years to come.


Customer Assurance Program Features:

#1: Complimentary Lifetime Technical Support:  Vending.com’s Customer Assurance Program provides customers with toll-free access to technical support via VendNet’s telephone support for the ENTIRE life of the machine. This means that you can get LIVE support from a real human over the phone for FREE, for as long as your machine lives. This feature alone can potentially save you thousands in technical support fees.

#2: Two Year Parts Warranty: Under Vending.com’s Customer Assurance program, defective parts will be repaired or replaced for a two (2) year period. If you should run into any issues with your vending machine parts, Vending.com will fixed at no cost to you for a full two years post-purchase!

#3: Three Year Preventative Maintenance Program: Our Customer Assurance Program includes an overall check-up of the equipment and payment system, plus adjustments if necessary. Preventative Maintenance Program begins after year one (1). Additionally, you will receive  Preventative Maintenance Program visits annually into years two (2) through four (4). What does this translate into? FREE Vending Machine “checkups” for the first four years of your machine ownership.


How do I sign up for the Vending.com Customer Assurance Program?

Contact our team at Vending.com today to learn more about joining the CAP Program. We’re excited for you to join this unique group of profit-savvy vending machine owners in taking the smart, preventative move that save you thousands of dollars and gives you priceless peace of mind.