Are You Back-to-School Ready?

School is in session! Well, almost. As an educational institution, you need to be prepared for the return of students after summer break. Here are some things to make sure you’re on top of before students return for the start of the semester:

The Welcome-Back Letter

The back-to-school letter is a must of many teachers, school principals and institutional leaders. The letter provides much-needed details for students and parents to help pre-empt any back-to-school jitters along with information such as the time the student should plan to arrive at school on the first day, where the student should go once they arrive, and any information about upcoming orientations. This is also an excellent way to introduce students to any new administration or changes in policy.

Visit with Faculty/Staff Members

Though it’s important to prepare incoming students and parents for the semester, it is equally important to make sure your staff is prepared as well. A faculty meeting before the start of the school year encourages excellent communication among faculty which is essential to a well-running school.

Along with excellent communication among the faculty, it’s also important for your staff to be well-equipped with the right tools which brings us to our next points.

Fixed Seating Arrangements

While there may be no right or wrong seating arrangement, there are certainly differences in how students interact with and are influenced by the set-up of a classroom. You can utilize fixed seating to maximize your use of space, deliver visual room uniformity or create collaborative team-based spaces. The use of fixed seating helps to create innovative learning spaces that encourage your students to succeed and reach their full potential.


A textbook is essentially a guide to facilitate the teaching and learning of the curriculum in a particular subject for both teachers and students alike. Textbooks play a fundamental role in supplementing any teachers knowledge deficits so having the most updated, accurate textbooks is a must for any educational institution.

Vending Machines

Do you have affordable vending machines conveniently spaced out along your school halls, yet? Vending machines allow students, teachers and other faculty to get the snacks and refreshments they crave, whenever they crave them. Provide your students and faculty with the energy they need to both learn and teach effectively. In this day and age, vending doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Healthier vending machines are becoming more and more popular, especially in educational institutions. offers a wide array of snack vending machines, drink vending machines and combination vending machines that accept credit cards and cash alike, making small purchases easy.

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