Back To School | Healthy Vending Options

snack machinesToday’s student in the U.S. is used to choosing from a variety of options. From classes, to friends, to after school activities, variety is the spice of life in middle and high schools. This may be a key reason that the vending machine has been such a successful tool for satisfying hunger cravings for our nation’s kids. Beyond its function as a nutritional vehicle for keeping kids alert and energized, it is also a significant revenue builder for the nation’s schools.

This fall a federal law will require vending machines placed in educational environments to forgo the candy and sweet treats in favor of healthy vending machine snacks in schools. Some school administrators worry about the financial impact. Many have been grappling with the decline in revenue since regular sodas have been replaced with diet and sugar-free versions. Fortunately, along with Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” initiative to fight against childhood obesity, the nation has been trending toward a more sophisticated approach to eating with health and flavor in mind.

The vending machine is now at the center of the debate in school-based nutrition. Some commercial vending companies today, such as, support healthy vending machine snacks in schools. From Vitamin Water and spring water instead of soda, to baked potato chips instead of the oilier counterparts and dried fruit in place of baked goods and other sweet tooth snacks, knows how to satisfy a kid’s need for variety within the limits of federal regulations successfully. Yogurt and energy bars are other nutrient dense snack food alternatives to sweet and unhealthy foods that kids choose and parents can rest easy about.

The new, healthier products, coupled with technology, gives students an exciting and fun way to meet energy needs throughout the day, and to have fun while doing it.

A representative can advise you about the user-friendly healthy vending machine snacks in schools and a vending machine for sale that offers benefits, such as:

  • filling a vending machine that still entices the kids to buy products
  • meet guidelines
  • give you a return on investment that makes sense