Cashless Vending – Transforming Retail Experiences

In today’s fast-paced business world, convenience is the name of the game. And when it comes to shopping, cashless payment trends in vending tech have revolutionized the way we buy things. It is no wonder consumers are flocking to this cutting-edge trend, which offers unparalleled ease and efficiency. 

Retailers need to keep up with the times if they want to compete in this ever-changing landscape. As technology propels us toward a seamless, digital future, retailers who fail to adapt risk falling behind. In this article, we take a closer look at the world of cashless payment trends in vending tech and the innovative solutions that keep up with modern shoppers’ demands, transforming the retail industry as we know it.

Vending Machine Evolution

Vending Machines have evolved into sophisticated, multi-purpose devices capable of selling a wide array of products, saving lives (you read that right), and helping us lead healthier lives. Such an achievement of engineering and innovation has been facilitated by significant advancements in technology, enabling the development of increasingly innovative and user-friendly vending solutions.

A critical aspect of this evolution has been the diversification of payment methods. In the beginning, vending machines relied solely on coins as a means of payment. However, as technology progressed and the world increasingly digitized, alternative payment options such as bills, credit cards, and even mobile wallets emerged.These cashless payment trends in vending tech and other new payment methods expanded the range of product offerings in vending machines and made it more convenient for consumers to make purchases on the go.

Today, cashless vending machines continue to evolve, incorporating cutting-edge technologies such as Greenlite Cashless, an AI-powered cashless payment system for vending machines. The system uses machine learning algorithms to identify and process credit and debit card transactions, as well as to predict demand for products and improve the user experience. This makes Greenlite Cashless a more secure, efficient, and effective cashless payment system for vending operators.

As we witness the remarkable transformation of this once-simple retail solution, it’s crucial to examine the latest trends and innovations driving the cashless payment trends in vending tech and their revolutionary impact on the retail landscape.

How Will Businesses and Consumers Benefit? 

In today’s world, where cashless transactions have become the norm, one might think that the answer to ‘How will businesses and consumers benefit?’ is simple. However, due to continuous technological innovations, the answer to this question goes much deeper than expected. 

Cashless payment trends in vending tech is becoming an increasingly popular option for retailers looking to improve the customer experience. This type of payment offers numerous advantages for both businesses and consumers. One of the most significant benefits for businesses is the potential for increased sales and revenue. By accepting a wider range of payment methods, cashless vending machines make it more convenient for customers to make purchases, encouraging impulse buys and ensuring that customers always have a way to pay for their items. Furthermore, cashless vending machines often allow retailers to offer higher-priced items, expanding their product offerings and boosting their profit margins.

Vending machines that accept cashless payments are a game-changer in streamlining operations and saving precious time and resources. They eliminate the need for regular cash collection, counting, and depositing, freeing staff to focus on other essential tasks. This, in turn, reduces transportation costs and operational expenses that would otherwise be spent on hiring someone to complete these mundane tasks. Additionally, cashless vending machines are more secure and less susceptible to theft and vandalism, providing retailers with added assurance and peace of mind.

From a consumer standpoint, cashless payment trends in vending tech offer unparalleled convenience. With the ability to accept a wide array of payment methods, including credit cards, mobile wallets, and contactless payments, cashless vending machines cater to the diverse needs of today’s tech-savvy consumers. In an increasingly cashless society, this convenience is appreciated and often expected by customers, making it essential for retailers to stay ahead of the curve by embracing these cutting-edge vending solutions. Greenlite is designed to meet and exceed the expectations of the modern-day consumer with its user-free interface and multiple payment options. Customers can pay for items through the 365Pay app, Apple Pay/Google Pay, and a contactless card reader with the Greenlite Pico, providing customers with an easy, safe, and efficient purchasing experience. 

Greenlite – Creating a New Wave of Customer & Operator Experience

Greenlite Cashless is a solution that enables acceptance of card and mobile payments while providing cost-saving telemetry data management tools. It allows easy access to cashless and cash machine information, and operators can accept debit/credit cards and mobile payments. Its design increases sales and reduces costs for vending machine operators by offering different payment options. Additionally, remote monitoring, downloadable sales reports, and a suite of management tools help operators make informed business decisions for their machines. 

Greenlite is a technology revolutionizing retail and redefining customer and vending machine operator experience. Here’s how:


  • 24×7 Management: Greenlite Cashless has made vending machine management much more efficient. With the web-based management application, they can now have greater control and visibility. They can manage and keep track of their vending machines from home on any internet browser, including tablets, computers, and smartphones, 24/7. This helps operators quickly identify and resolve issues, ensuring the machines run smoothly. In addition, real-time monitoring also provides operators with enhanced security by immediately alerting operators of any detected or suspicious activity, which can help to reduce the risk of theft and break-ins.  
  • Track Your Sales: Greenlite facilitates sales data analysis based on a given period, such as daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. It makes it easy for operators to analyze vending machine sales using comprehensive details on sales history by records based on specific periods. Operators can utilize these reports to help make more informed decisions about product inventory, pricing, and restocking. With these reports, operators can ensure their machines are always stocked with in-demand products that can maximize their revenue. 
  • Integrated Cash & Cashless Reporting: Greenlite offers a single platform to track and manage cash and cashless vending. Reporting gives operators visibility and control over both cash and cashless payments. This helps operators make smarter business decisions to maximize revenue by leveraging their cashless management solution to streamline cash accountability and optimize reporting.
  • Secure Interface: All payment transactions of Greenlite Cashless meet the current payment card industry-standard compliance requirements. The system offers security features such as encryption and tokenization to protect customer information. No card data gets stored, and you can give your customers the confidence of a safe purchase. Greenlite Cashless provides operators and customers peace of mind with secure payment processing. 
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): The AI-powered features of Greenlite Cashless make it a secure, efficient, and effective cashless payment system for vending operators. The system uses machine learning algorithms to detect fraudulent transactions, which protects against fraud and theft. Additionally, it offers real-time data on sales, inventory, and machine performance, enabling vending operators to track business performance and make informed decisions about operations.
  • Visual Alerts: Every time operators log in, they receive real-time alerts and machine-level monitoring to track connectivity, sales, and performance, helping operators stay proactive with real-time machine health alerts. These alerts can help decrease a machine’s downtime and quickly solve issues to satisfy customers and prevent unnecessary sales loss.


The Future of Cashless Vending and Retail

As technology advances and the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the future of cashless payment trends in vending tech and retail looks incredibly promising. In the coming years, we can expect further advancements in cashless payment technology. As consumer expectations evolve, retailers must constantly adapt and innovate their vending strategies to stay ahead.

The continuous convergence of technology, consumer behavior, and industry innovation shapes the future of cashless payment trends in vending tech and retail. For operators who want to stay ahead, increase sales, and enhance customer experience, Greenlite Cashless is a valuable tool. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, is the trusted choice. has always been at the forefront of introducing new technology, including Greenlite Cashless, to vending equipment. To learn more, visit our website.

Boosting Janitorial Business Revenue: Unleashing the Power of Vending Machines

Running a janitorial cleaning business comes with its fair share of challenges. From managing client expectations to finding new cleaning business income streams, staying innovative in a competitive market is crucial. One often overlooked solution to diversify revenue streams and attract new clients is the strategic implementation of vending machines. This blog post will explore how vending machines can revolutionize the janitorial business industry and offer a fresh perspective on their income benefits.

Challenges that come with the janitorial business 

Owning a janitorial business comes with various challenges, including managing changing demands, retaining current clients, and ensuring profitability. However, integrating vending machines into their janitorial business services can help alleviate these income issues.

Attracting New Customers

Vending machines can be a powerful marketing tool to attract new customers. By strategically placing vending machines in high-traffic areas, such as office complexes, shopping malls, or educational institutions, janitorial businesses can increase their visibility and showcase their commitment to convenience and service. This creates cleaning business opportunities for income through new client acquisitions and bolsters brand reputation.

Keeping Existing Customers Happy

Customer satisfaction is key to maintaining long-term relationships. By offering vending machines along with their cleaning services,  janitorial businesses can enhance customer experience and convenience. Clients will appreciate the accessibility of cleaning products, personal care items, and other necessities that ensure a clean and hygienic environment.This level of service can significantly improve janitorial business income as well as customer retention rates.

Expanding Services through Vending Machines

Vending machines can go beyond offering cleaning supplies to unlock additional income streams and strengthen the janitorial business’s value proposition.

Here are some related services that can be seamlessly integrated into vending machines:

Eco-Friendly Products: With the rising demand for sustainable solutions, vending machines can offer eco-friendly cleaning products. This enables janitorial businesses to meet the evolving needs of environmentally conscious clients while tapping into a growing market segment.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): As the world becomes more health-conscious, ease of accessibility to PPE has become critical. Janitorial businesses can use vending machines to supply masks, gloves, sanitizers, and other protective gear, meeting the increased demand and positioning themselves as leaders in hygiene and safety.

Snack Vending Machines: Our snack vending machines are uniquely designed to cater to the differing requirements of each space. Let’s take you on a tour of our varied options for snack vending machines for sale.

Coffee Vending Machine: Our MarketOne Coffee vending machine offers you an opportunity to bring the European cafe experience to your customers, thanks to its European design, state-of-the-art brewing & filter system for precise ingredient controls

Benefits of having a Single Point of Contact

Partnering with a vending machine manufacturer like can offer increased cleaning business income along with a range of benefits, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for janitorial businesses:

Customization and Flexibility: provides customizable vending machines tailored to specific business requirements. This allows janitorial businesses to curate their offerings and create unique vending experiences that align with their brand.

Maintenance and Support:’s comprehensive maintenance and support services ensure that vending machines are always operational. This frees up janitorial businesses from the hassle of managing machine-related issues, allowing them to focus on their core operations.

Advanced Analytics:’s vending machines offer data analytics capabilities, providing insights into customer preferences and purchasing patterns. This data can help janitorial businesses make informed decisions, optimize inventory, and drive revenue growth.


Vending machines can revolutionize janitorial cleaning businesses by diversifying income streams and attracting new clients. By strategically incorporating vending machines into their business model, janitorial businesses can address pain points, such as customer acquisition and retention, while offering additional services beyond cleaning supplies. Partnering with as a trusted vendor can help your janitorial business attract new customers, keep current customers happy, set yourself apart from your competition, and grow your revenue. Get started and contact today!

Boost Your Vending Machine Sales: Tips to Maximize Your Sales

Did you know that side hustles have become increasingly popular in the United States? According to a recent Zapier and The Harris Poll survey, 34% of Americans have a side hustle.  

Interestingly, many of these side hustles are relatively new. 67% of those with a side hustle started within the past three years, and 31% began in 2020. This surge in side hustles indicates the growing interest in exploring additional income streams. Vending machines have immense potential to be a successful side hustle and are becoming more popular.

In this blog, we’ll share powerful tips to help you increase and boost your vending machine sales and turn them into a lucrative source of passive income. If you already have a vending machine and want to increase sales or are looking to start your new business, either way, this blog will be insightful. 


Unlock Your Second Stream of Passive Income with Vending Machines 

Discover the untapped potential of vending machines and transform them into a lucrative second source of passive income. If you can strategically place the vending machines in high-traffic locations, you can increase your vending machine sales and generate consistent revenue without constant supervision.


Many entrepreneurs usually have up to three different sources of passive income, and many of those people are already harnessing the power of vending machines, reaping the rewards of this low-maintenance yet highly profitable business model. 

Do you need help with how to increase your vending machine sales? Look no further! This blog will reveal proven tips to supercharge your vending machine sales, from selecting the perfect products to leveraging cutting-edge technology and strategic locations. 

Let’s dive in and discover how to increase your vending machine sales like never before!


Tips to Increase Sales from Your Vending Machines 

Let’s now discuss possible ways to increase vending machine sales. Here are seven tips we have for you. 

Tip 1: Choose the Right Products: The right products are vital to vending success. Analyze your target audience, location, and trends to stock up on irresistible items that leave your customers returning for more. 

Tip 2: Optimize Your Pricing: Finding the sweet spot for pricing can significantly impact sales. Experiment with pricing strategies, like bundling, tiered pricing, or discounts, to entice customers without compromising your profit margins. 

Tip 3: Embrace Technology: Stay ahead by integrating cashless payment systems, interactive displays, and real-time inventory tracking. Modernizing your machines enhances the customer experience and fosters loyalty. 

Tip 4: Location, Location, Location: Strategic placement can make or break your vending success. Identify high-traffic areas, like office complexes, schools, or gyms, and negotiate prime spots to maximize sales potential. 

Tip 5: Upkeep for Success: Maintain your vending machines regularly to ensure they’re always in top-notch condition. Clean, functional, and well-stocked machines instill customer confidence and drive repeat sales. 

Tip 6: Analyze Customer Preferences: Regularly analyze customer feedback and purchase patterns to identify popular items and adjust your product offerings accordingly. By catering to customer preferences, you enhance their satisfaction and boost sales. 

Tip 7: Implement Eye-Catching Signage: Utilize vibrant and attractive signage on your vending machines to catch future customers’ attention. Transparent product displays and enticing visuals can motivate customers to make impulsive purchases, boosting overall sales. Another way is by designing a custom wrap for your vending machine. At, we can help you design a custom vending machine graphic or wrap that is meaningful to your business and location to attract more customers and increase sales!

With these strategic tips on how to increase your vending machine sales, you’ll be well on your way to boosting sales from your vending machines and maximizing the potential of this lucrative business venture. Start implementing these practices today to unlock the full earning potential of your vending business! 

Exploit the power of Vending Machines

With the insights shared in this article, you now hold the key to unlocking the potential of vending machines as an intelligent investment for achieving financial freedom. Embrace this opportunity to bid farewell to financial worries and embark on a rewarding journey toward securing your future with the power of vending machines!  

Seize the chance to tap into a passive income stream that can make a difference in your life. Start your vending machine venture today and pave the way for a prosperous tomorrow! 

Visit now and explore our top-notch affordable vending machine solutions to elevate your business to new heights! Remember, success is just a click away! 

Ready to Vend: 10-Step Guide for Launching Your Successful Vending Machine Business

If you’re considering how to start your own vending machine business and turn it into a profitable side hustle, you’ve come to the right place. Vending machines aren’t just convenient for grabbing a quick snack or drink – they can also be a lucrative business if you know how to set them up correctly. Before delving into the details of this business, here are some reasons why owning a vending machine is an excellent side hustle: 

Passive Income: Vending machines keep working even when you’re not around, generating income 24/7 with minimal effort.  

Flexibility: Manage your vending machines on time, making them an ideal supplementary income source.  

Low Overhead: With no need for a storefront or full-time staff, vending machines offer a cost-effective entry into entrepreneurship.  

Scalability: Start with one machine and gradually expand your business as you become more comfortable and experienced.   

Enter the vending machine business—a lucrative venture that can generate passive income. Imagine owning vending machines strategically placed in busy locations that quietly and consistently generate revenue without demanding your constant attention. When managed effectively, vending machines can become an excellent source of passive income, allowing you to focus on other pursuits while your machines do the work.  

In this blog, we will explore how starting your own vending machine business can transform your financial landscape, becoming that much-needed second source of income. Get ready to discover the power of passive income through vending machines!  


Step-by-Step Guide: How to Start a Vending Business  


If you are seriously considering starting a vending business, this guide on how to start your own vending machine business could help you get clarity. Also, you can use this to brainstorm and create your project plan.

Step 1: Research and Planning: Any dream should start with a plan. Research the vending industry, understand market trends, and identify potential locations for your machines. Create a comprehensive business plan outlining your goals, target audience, budget, and revenue projections.  

Step 2: Choose Your Niche: Decide on the type of vending machines and products you want to offer. Consider factors like the demand in your chosen locations and the preferences of your target customers.  

Step 3: Secure Funding: Determine the initial capital required to launch your vending business. Explore financing options like personal savings, small business loans, or partnerships.  

Step 4: Purchase Vending Machines: Invest in high-quality vending machines from a reputable supplier like Ensure the machines are equipped with modern cashless payments and inventory tracking technology.  

Step 5: Obtain Licenses and Permits: You must check local regulations and get the necessary licenses and permits to operate your vending machines.  

Step 6: Find Ideal Locations: The best way is to reach out to businesses, schools, gyms, and other high-traffic areas and secure prime locations for your vending machines. Negotiate agreements with property owners or managers.  

Step 7: Stock Your Machines: Source products from reliable suppliers and stock your machines with popular and in-demand items. Consider healthy snacks, beverages, and other convenience items.  

Step 8: Set Competitive Pricing: Determine pricing strategies that balance profitability and customer appeal. Offer occasional promotions or discounts to attract more customers.  

Step 9: Promote Your Business: Utilize social media, local advertising, and networking to promote your vending business and attract more customers to your machines.  

Now that you know how to kick-start your own vending machine business, let us briefly discuss how you can maximize the winning probability.


Location – Your Key to Vending Success  


Choosing the right location for your vending machines could make all the difference between success and failure—research potential locations’ demographics and foot traffic, which can significantly impact your sales. As we discussed, high-traffic areas like office buildings, schools, and shopping centers offer a lucrative opportunity to reach a wide range of customers.   

When diving into the vending machine business, the key to success is selecting the correct location. Your chosen spot will dictate the type and size of machine you should invest in. Here’s what you need to consider:  

Foot Traffic Matters: Foot traffic plays a crucial role in determining the profitability of your vending machine. Depending on whether the location experiences high or low foot traffic, you must opt for machines that cater to these conditions.  

Low Foot Traffic: Consider compact machines that offer a variety of products suitable for lower customer volume.  

High Foot Traffic: Opt for larger machines stocked with popular items to cater to a larger audience.  

Gyms and Fitness Centers: Focus on healthy snacks and cooling beverages to cater to health-conscious individuals.  

College Campuses: Stock a mix of affordable snacks and drinks that cater to students’ needs for convenience and affordability.  

Stand Out from the Crowd: Location and Competition  

Standing out among competitors is crucial in the industry when considering how to start your own vending machine business. Carefully consider surrounding businesses and competition when selecting your machine type. Here are some tips to stand out from the crowd.  

Custom Vending Machines: offers custom vending machines designed to fit your unique business needs. Showcase your brand identity and products with custom wraps to set yourself apart.  

Distinctive Wraps: Set your business apart with custom wraps that showcase your brand and products. Picture a vending machine wrapped in vibrant colors, catching the eye of the crowd and making a lasting impression.  

Accessibility for All: Convenience and Compliance  

Choosing an easily accessible location is essential for your vending machine’s success. Ensure that your machines are ADA-compliant, making them convenient for all customers.  

Upkeep for Long-Term Success  

Maintaining your vending machines is an ongoing responsibility for your business’s long-term success. Regularly restocking products, promptly addressing technical issues, and ensuring cleanliness will keep customers returning.  

Take Your Vending Business to New Heights  


We’ve explored how understanding your audience’s demographics and standing out amidst competitors can lead you to success when considering how to start your vending machine business. You’re ready to make a splash in the vending realm by crafting a tailored approach that aligns with your surroundings. Ready to transform your vending venture?

With a wide range of top-tier vending machines and exceptional customer support, has everything you need to launch a successful business. If you need any help setting up your Vending business, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Take the first step towards building your vending empire! - Blog

How does a ‘Made in USA’ vending machine help your vending business


Made in the USA – The What and The Why?

Some suppliers sell truly American-made products, while others do not. Tthe government has ensured that Made in the USA is no longer an abstract concept. The high-level description of an “All or Virtually All” American-made product is that more than 50% of the product and its components by cost must be made in the country. Thanks to FTC guidelines [1] and federal regulations, every industry also has clear rules as to what is eligible for a Made in the USA tag and what is not.

A recent survey by a leading magazine [2] says about 69% of the respondents preferred buying American-made products. About 83% of them were also willing to pay a premium for the Made-in-America label if it is a genuine claim. This may not be surprising as we all want to reward the American spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation. The benefits of buying a product made in America, however, are not limited to patriotic fervor. There are sound business benefits to vending machine owners and operators while buying American machines or services.

What it means for your vending business

Local Customer Service: A vending machine is complex equipment that is built with a variety of electrical, mechanical, electronic, and communication equipment. Adequate customer support with cross-functional technical capabilities is essential to deliver the best user experience for the end-users of the machine. Local manufacturers understand the challenges of local customers. A good understanding of many variables like ambient weather, tastes and preferences, compliance to regulations, and other factors influence the quality of service. A business that designs and builds machines in the USA is more likely to understand the nuances of these variables and provide the best support.

International Supply Chain Woes: Manufacturers, relying on global suppliers for their components currently struggle with a severe supply chain bottleneck. This is not a temporary situation. If your machine’s card refrigerator unit fails and you must wait for a month to replace it, it means your machine is out of action. The cost of spoiled inventory in the machine is not even a scratch on the surface of what you will stand to lose as revenue. If you have purchased your machine through a financing option, you will also service the debt without revenue. On the other hand, a local manufacturer can quickly replace parts and keep the cash registers ringing.

Standards of Safety and Quality: The safety standards are a minimum benchmark for an American manufacturer who understands the consequences of a gap. However, for manufacturers in a developing nation, the standards are simply a matter of compliance to purchase specifications. Both might be working towards meeting the same safety standards, but the drive to meet such measures can be quite different. North American and Western European businesses are much more savvy than most other regions. This also gives an edge to American manufacturers compared to those who buy parts or machines from other countries to sell locally.

Faster Delivery Time: Mobilizing machines, equipment, and parts locally are faster than ordering and shipping from thousands of miles away. In a market where impulse purchases of products are short-lived fads, “time-in-transit” can be a killing. Also, the distances your machine or parts must move without any economic value can hurt the environment. A local manufacturer might still burn gas to haul your machine a few hundred miles. But it is way faster, cheaper, and environmentally responsible than shipping it on a diesel barge across the ocean.

Geopolitical Uncertainties: The last thing that a vending machine owner or operator must be worried about is the relationship between countries and world leaders. Today’s environment is so volatile that countries trade tariffs, embargos, restrictions, and retaliatory measures between each other at the drop of a hat. Suppliers who rely on foreign products or components are often impacted by the tectonics of international politics. Local manufacturers are relatively insulated from such uncertainties and become reliable partners to your vending business.

Made in the USA is not a tag. It is a proposition.

Buying American-made vending machines has a definite and positive impact on the success of your vending business. You can improve your revenues, reduce risks, ensure consumer convenience, and escape impact from extraneous factors. You can also contribute to empowering the country. You can give a boost to both your patriotism and profitability by doing business with an American manufacturer. has been manufacturing vending machines in the USA for more than 90 years. You can talk to us to know more about the benefits of doing business with an American manufacturer like us. Call us now at 1-855-929-1042 or click here. - blog

5 features your vending machine must have (UV, Cashless, GuaranteeVend, etc.)

Five Must-Have Features of Your Vending Machine 

Are you in the market for a vending solution?

Vending machines wear multiple hats – they are a great source of extra income and a way for products and retail brands to improve the customer experience. If you are in the market for a vending solution, the ideal starting point is to check out our profit calculator or contact us directly at


What are the features or capabilities that your vending solution must possess? 

There are certain features that are required when considering the purchase of any vending machine for sale so that the machine is able to accommodate a variety of requirements for users. Entrepreneurs, retail businesses, facility management agencies, the list goes on. Your business is unique and requires solutions aligned to your business goals and your target vending audiences. Some areas will need your attention before investing in a vending solution. This blog post outlines five of these areas.

Accessibility – Are your vending machines ADA compliant?

The Americans with Disabilities Act is comprehensive in its scope, as well as scientific and compassionate in its stipulations. Though there are multiple aspects that the act covers, accessibility is an feature that should apply to the vending machines you choose.’s offerings are all ADA compliant or ADA ready. Our solutions comply with the ADA by its design, ergonomic access to the user interfaces, intuitiveness, and its ability to be accessible to all. Contact us to know more about our ADA-compliant machines.


Just as your vending partner needs to cater to your business’s unique identity and operations, you also need someone well-versed with your industry’s demands. Custom-developed solutions, wherever applicable, will help drive more sales and ensure a richer user experience that delights users. has custom vending solutions with machines that have been designed and redesigned with features for specific industries, domains, and applications, like PPE kit vending, gym and fitness centers, self-service laundry businesses, and more. Our partners and affiliates add to our vending solutions’ customizability.

In addition to providing the custom vendor, also helps in catching the attention of your customers with eye-popping designs. Our custom graphics offering helps in decking out your vending machine to attract more audiences – right from the factory. Our marketing team helps you serve the right look for your audience. 

Effectiveness Of Technology And Application Used

Technology has raised the bar with end-user expectations regarding features and experiences. It is essential to choose the appropriate features that are relevant for your target vending audience. has constantly developed products and solutions filled to the brim with features, and we have done this for all stakeholders – our customers and the end-user audience. We have everything from easy item loading to handling multiple form factors. For the end-user, we have easy item selection, cashless transactions, sanitization, and more.

Contact us now to understand the multiple vending machine features and options that would work for your audiences.

Alternative Methods of Monetization

We are all looking to maximize the returns from our assets and investments. Complementary or supplementary income avenues are a way to do that. In this connected and digital world, there are multiple ways to augment the principal revenue source. For instance, any surface that demands the public’s attention is ideal for placing advertisements. When it comes to vending machines with digital displays and an internet connection, the possibilities are endless.’s vending machine solutions have feature-rich interfaces. Our in-house engineering is laser-focused on incorporating cutting-edge technology that helps our customers recognize tangible results. Check out our Express Combo Vending Machine to see for yourself. 


In this day and age, machines have to be energy-efficient as much as possible. Multiple technologies are applicable across design, ergonomics, hardware, software, customer behavior, etc., for reducing the energy consumption of vending machines and their carbon footprint. 

For example,’s MarketOne 5W Cold Food & Drink Vending Machine is a combo machine that includes cooling solutions, digital displays, touch interface, cashless payment, and much more. It has Energy Star compliant technology, LED lighting, and the latest in energy usage optimization from our in-house innovators.  

Why choose for your Vending Solutions?

Our 90 years of proven vending industry legacy and leadership focus on long-term innovation and planning. We offer everything required for your success. Our end-to-end ecosystem for vending solutions covers everything from usage-specific machines and new technology-driven features to financing and hassle-free maintenance.’s vending excellence has multiple testimonials and countless success stories. We are always at the precipice of the latest vending machine technology, features, and business practices that help our customers become more successful.

VC Blog

The true cost of vending machines


Total Cost of Ownership – The iceberg below the water level

Owning and operating a vending machine is good business. More than 2/3rds of vending machine owners and operators are micro businesses and individuals. They do not have the “big-four” accounting companies keeping their books. Suppose you are a small business or individual owner-operator of vending machines. There is a high chance that you will have to keep a tab of your collections and earnings yourselves. Most of us do it, too, but what we often tend to lose focus on is the cost. While buying the vending machine is a clear capital investment, there are other costs during the life of the vending machine that will define your profitability. As an owner-operator, let us see how you can understand these costs of owning a vending machine and ensure maximum profitability from your devices.

The costs across the lifecycle

Vending machines typically have a long cashable life. This means that adequately maintained vending machines can generate revenue for several years. Depending on the type of goods, location, maintenance and technology, machines can last anywhere between 5 and 15 years. The cost of owning these vending machines is also incurred over the product’s life. As the age of the machine increases, so does the cost of owning it. That is why used vending machines are cheaper to buy, but more expensive to own. It is also easy to forget that a non-functional machine means a loss of revenue. So, the decision to invest in a new machine or buy a used one should be made after carefully considering the following costs.

Cost of Buying – The cost of new vending machines for sale can be a few thousand dollars. The cost of buying a used one might be much less. This is a one-time expense and is considered a capital spend.

Cost of Installation – If you buy a machine, you will also incur charges to transport the machine to the location. Then comes the cost of setting these machines up and getting them up and running. You may have to pay for such services if you are not an expert.

Cost of Owning – Operating the machine includes the cost of the goods sold, energy cost, the cost involved in stocking or replacing goods, and other operational costs.

Cost of Upgrading – Depending on the age of your machine and the advancements in technology, you will incur expenses to upgrade your machines. Cashless payment systems are a good example. While many machines have card readers, modern cashless systems, like NFC and mobile wallets, may need upgrades.

Cost of Retiring – If your machines reach end-of-life, you will need to remove them. Malfunctioning machines or ones with obsolete technology will continue to cost you while generating no revenue. There will also be a cost of disconnecting, dismantling and disposing of such machines. 

Understanding all the costs incurred during the entire life of the vending machine will help you decide several aspects. You can choose to buy a new or a used machine. You can also calculate the returns from your machines better.

Cost Types

In each stage of the life cycle, several factors contribute to the cost of owning a vending machine. Calculating these costs meticulously can help you estimate the profitability of each machine you own and operate. Let us discuss these cost components.

  • Machine Cost – This is the initial investment that forms a big part of your upfront cash, but this is not the most significant component of your total cost.
  • Installation and Commissioning Cost – The size of this spend depends on your expertise, availability of professional support, and your deal with the machine supplier. Some manufacturers bundle this as a part of their machines to make it easy for buyers.
  • Cost of Accessories and Peripherals – The performance of your vending machines can be improved by adding peripherals. Accessories can also help upgrade old machines and extend their life.
  • Energy Cost – Machines need lighting, refrigeration, heating, handling payment transactions, or connection with back-end platforms.
  • Location or Real Estate Cost – This cost depends on your agreement with the owner of the location. Machine operators pay fixed fees, a commission on the sales made, branding on the machine, or a combination of these options.
  • Maintenance Costs – The maintenance cost includes servicing outages or repairs and preventive maintenance scheduled at regular intervals.
  • Merchandise Cost – This is the highest cost of owning any vending machine. This can be a few hundred dollars or thousands of dollars per stock replenishment, depending on what merchandise you sell.
  • Insurance Cost – General liability insurance costs are also a component that runs into a few hundred dollars per year.
  • Warehousing Cost – You will incur this cost to store your inventory before stocking your machine.
  • Consumables, Parts & Supplies Cost – Your machine will consume resources to operate. Some of them are your coolant in your refrigeration unit and lubricant in your mechanical unit. These will need periodic replacement or replenishment.
  • Taxes on Earnings – Taxes on your income from the vending machines are based on what and how you report in your earnings statement.
  • Cost of Downtime – All the above costs are direct costs that can be measured. The cost that cannot be measured is the cost of downtime of your machines. This is the revenue lost when your machine is not usable. If your stock includes perishables like fruits or packaged meat, downtime will also cost you the spoiled inventory.


Recovering Total Cost of Ownership

It is now clear that the cost of owning a vending machine is just the tip of the iceberg, but do not let that scare you. Vending machines are a very lucrative investment with a low barrier to entry. The returns from this investment are fast and help you recover your total cost of ownership quickly. Every transaction your machine makes can give you a decent markup on the product sold. Depending on the location and merchandise, operators markup merchandise prices by anywhere between 50% to 200%. This is the fee that the consumer pays for convenience and accessibility.

Further, reputed machinery manufacturers also support their customers in the buying process to make investing in a vending machine even more attractive. They also have tools that help you estimate your returns from investing in a vending machine. You can call the experts from at 1-855-929-1042 to learn more about the costs and benefits of investing in your next vending machine.

Cost-Benefit Comparison for Vending Machines

  • Per Machine Profitability
  • Aggregate Revenue and Profitability
  • Maximizing Profits

Selecting the Right Machine

  • Help you understand TCO
  • Partner, not vendor
  • One-Stop-Shop (Machine, parts, consumables, software)
  • Financing
  • Accessibility.

Grow Your Business with Your New Profit Maker

As businesses around the United States continue to open up and welcome back employees and customers, many vending business owners have noticed an increase in vending sales. In order to help business owners, as well as new and current vending operators, thrive in the vending industry.

Right now, is offering 0 interest for one year, as well as 0 payments for 60 days, on select vending equipment, with approved credit. Vending machines and their first-year monthly payments include:

In addition to zero interest for one year and zero payment for 60 days, is also offering no-cost for Greenlite credit card reader installation. Greenlite allows you to manage all of your vending machines anytime, anywhere by giving you access to a number of reports including machine health, machine sales and more. Additionally, it allows vending customers to purchase products with credit/debit cards, as well as mobile payments.

Whether you are a seasoned professional in the vending industry or a new vending operator, is here to coach you every step of the way. For more information, give us a call at 1-800-548-1982.

Breaking Down the State of the Industry Report and What it Means for You

Every year, Vending MarketWatch publishes its State of the Industry Report, which breaks down vending locations, sales and more from the previous year. We are going to break down the 2019 report in order for you to get a better understanding of how your vending business can continue to grow.


Just because vending machines can be placed anywhere, does not mean they should be placed anywhere. According to surveys conducted by Automatic Merchandiser, the most popular locations to place a vending machine are manufacturing facilities and offices, with 22.1% of vending machines placed at each location. Correctional facilities are the least popular places to place vending machines, with just 2.4% of vending machines being placed there, which is an increase from the previous year. 

What does this information mean for you? This report shows that while offices and manufacturing facilities are still very popular for vending, there may be a lot of potential in less popular locations, such as correctional facilities and military bases. If you are a business owner looking to add a vending machine to your location, contact us to see if your location could support vending equipment.

Cold Beverage

To no surprise, cold beverages still remain at the top of vending industry sales. In 2019, cold beverages made up 22.8% of sales, which is a significant decrease from the previous year. To help support your vending business and sales, offers a variety of cold beverage vending machines, which provides your customers with the cold beverages they crave.

A surprise in this year’s report shows that cold beverages do not stand alone at the top of the sales chart. A new category has gained a lot of ground over the past year and shows no signs of slowing down.

Opportunities for Growth – Retail 

Shooting to the top of the product sales category with cold beverages in 2019 was the other category, which includes non-edible items. This category grew from 7.7% to 22.8%. This shows that operators are looking to diversify their vending businesses. 

If you are looking on capitalizing in the retail vending industry, especially amidst COVID-19, check out our Sani-Center PPE Vending Machine. These machines are created to provide customers with masks, sanitizers and more in order to keep you safe.

The vending industry is constantly changing and evolving. To access the full industry report, read the State of the Industry Report here. If you have any questions about how you can grow in the vending industry, give us a call at 1-800-548-1982.

Introducing the New MarketOne 5W Elevator Vending Machine

By ensuring you are up to date with the latest in vending technology, you are putting yourself in the best position to stay competitive within the vending industry. Our new addition of MarketOne Vending Machines ensures you will be top of mind in the vending industry. We have recently added six new vending machines to our line and will be introducing them to you. Previously we introduced the MarketOne 5W Cold Food & Drink Vending Machine, MarketOne 3W Cold Food & Drink Vending Machine, MarketOne 5W Snack & Cold Drink Vending Machine, and MarketOne 3W Snack & Cold Drink Vending Machine. Now, let’s discuss the MarketOne 5W Elevator Vending Machine.

The MarketOne 5W Elevator Vending Machine features the latest in vending technology. It includes a soft-elevator and a large delivery bin, allowing you to vend food and drinks of various product packaging shapes and sizes. With the elevator delivery system, you can vend fragile products, such as yogurt parfaits. Optimal product rotation through First-In-First-Out (FIFO) loading is also included.

The MarketOne 5W Elevator Vending Machine offers up to 60 unique product selections. Its large product merchandising window is sure to catch the eyes of many customers. Combined with enhanced LED lighting, the MarketOne 5W Elevator Vending Machine offers maximum product visualization. Similar to other MarketOne vending machines, the MarketOne 5W Elevator Vending Machine is health safety programmable by section, range or row. It is also ideal for high-humidity locations, as it has a soft-coat heated glass.  

Customers crave a vending “experience.” MarketOne 5W Elevator Vending Machines give them just that by being fully Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant. Additionally, these machines come fully equipped with enhanced LED lighting, providing your customers with maximum product visibility. Finally, thanks to iVend, products are guaranteed to vend to your customers every time. If a product does not vend correctly the first time, your customer will have the opportunity to try again or vend an entirely new product.

A standard feature on the MarketOne 5W Elevator Vending Machines is a 3.5” full-color display. This feature enables you to display pricing information and nutritional information in compliance with the FDA’s Calorie Disclosure Rule. Update this feature to a 7” full-color touch screen to offer a shopping cart mode to purchase up to three items in one transaction, with product browsing capability and advertising options for static and video content.

Finally, you will never have to worry about losing out on sales again due to payment acceptance issues with the MarketOne 5W Elevator Vending Machines. These machines come standard with a bill acceptor for $1-20 and PayRange, a leading mobile payment system. It allows users to load money directly into the app and pay from their mobile funds. Additionally, an optional Greenlite card reader can be added, which enables customers to pay with credit/debit cards and mobile wallets.

Stay at the top of the vending industry with the latest in vending technology. For more information about the MarketOne Vending Machines, give us a call at 1-800-548-1982.