Create a Break Room Your Employees Will Love

A company’s break room is an integral part of the modern workplace. Employees spend a great deal of their waking hours in the office, and they need a place to go where they can clear their mind for a few moments after a stressful meeting or phone call.

When first getting a tour of a new workplace, the break room is one of the first places that an employee sees. Break rooms are where employees spend a large portion of their time when they’re not actively working. Some companies, like Google, have interactive games and relaxation rooms to help their employees get a break from hectic yet creative work schedules. We’ve compiled a list of what you can do to make your employees happier in their workspace:

Spruce up the decor

Decorating a break room can be affordable, a tip to keep the cost down is to find furniture from a second-hand store. There are plenty of second-hand stores such as Goodwill that have well-appointed furniture and accessories at a bargain price.

Offer free vending machines

Another low-cost option, vending machines provide employees with delicious snacks and beverages to your employees for enjoyment throughout the workday. As a vending machine distributor, we can help you make your break room better for your employees.

Set out interactive games

Providing games, such as board games, provides an opportunity for your employees to mingle and blow off some steam. In the age of electronics, our communication is spent online more often, board games and interactive games can help to boost employee interaction and overall morale.

Ultimately, your company culture determines the type of break rooms you have for your employees. These are just a few suggestions to help embody your company culture on a daily basis.

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