Diet Coke Reveals World’s Thinnest Vending Machine

Vending.comWe all know that, in general, vending machines for sale are getting leaner in terms of caloric content, but what about the actual size and shape of the product? While Coca-Cola has been promoting slim sodas with their Diet Coke brand for decades, they are now taking a more literal approach with their brand-new drink vending machine.

Appropriately dubbed “The Slender Vender,” this ultra-thin Coke soda machine has been popping up in a variety of locations around the United States. A vending product this small was sure to get big reactions, and Coca-Cola was wise enough to capture some of the best ones in the YouTube video below:

The clip not only spotlights the construction of this one-of-a-kind Coke soda machine, it also shows the versatility of a truly slim vending machine. The “Slender Vender” can be seen hiding between larger vending machines, standing amongst treadmills at a gym, and in-between bowling lanes at an alley. It’s certainly a smart way to market the calorie-conscious Diet Coke product, and is unique enough to make many stop in their tracks and grab a cola. In an age where vending machines seem to always aim bigger, it will be interesting to see if the “Slender Vender” encourages vending machine manufacturers to create smaller, more versatile devices.