Stocking Your Vending Machines

Snack vending machines are often the subject of jokes, with disgruntled customers pounding on the machine in hopes that their purchased snack will fall. Yet if that vending machine is yours, the way in which you stock the snacks is crucial to your profits.

When people don’t get the snack they paid for, they will get upset, and may not use the vending machine again, in spite of any vend guarantee you provide. The next customer may get more than one item with just one purchase due to snacks stuck in the machine. This cuts into your profits. As a result, you need to ensure that you are stocking your vending machine correctly to avoid this problem.

As you do when stocking a drink vending machine, when stocking candy vending machines, take your time, and make sure all packages are facing forward. Tuck them into their respective slots, working from back to front, and ensure that every space is filled. Make sure the snacks you purchase are the right size for your snack machine to avoid stuck products. When you are finished stocking, test the vending machine to ensure it is properly dispensing each snack. This will put more money into your pocket and eliminate problems from unsatisfied customers.