Prepare for Winter with UVend Technology

Are You Prepared for Winter?

The cold, winter months are going to be here before we know it. Not only does this mean colder weather, but it means that we will see an uptick in illness, whether it be a cold, the flu or COVID-19. Believe it or not, there is a lot that can be done with existing or new vending machines for sale in the winter to ensure your customers are satisfied.

MarketOne Coffee Vending Machine

For many customers, the cold weather settling in means that they crave a hot beverage in order to keep them warm. Enter the new MarketOne Coffee Vending Machine. It features a European design and a state-of-the-art brewing system for customers to receive coffee shop-quality from a vending machine with the push of a button. Keep customers warm by giving them the option to choose from up to 34 hot beverage combination options of coffee, hot chocolate, tea, espresso and more.

UVend Technology

Give customers and employees the safer vending experience they have been craving with UVend Technology. UVend Technology, a patent-pending UVC light sanitization device, makes the high-touch surfaces of vending machines safer by quickly killing or inactivating up to 99.9% of some of the most common viruses and bacteria, including influenza and COVID-19. 

To provide an extra layer of protection, UVend Technology features an automated motion sensor and visible blue light. The motion sensor ensures no presence is detected in front of the machine before activating and the blue light indicates quick sanitization is in process, allowing the machine’s keypad and delivery door to be sanitized after almost every use.

Sani-Center Vending Machine’s Sani-Center PPE Vending Machine limits face-to-face interaction by safely dispensing cleaning supplies, medical masks, hand sanitizers, wipes and more to customers. It allows customers safe access to supplies they need while generating revenue for your business. One of the biggest Sani-Center benefits is the capability for customers to purchase items through a cashless card reader or mobile payment platform, further reducing direct contact with the vending machine.

Looking for more ways to give your customers an extra layer of protection during the winter months? Call 1-800-548-1982.

A Custom Vending Machine for Any Business

Whatever business you have, can help you grow your business. We offer a number of retail vending machines that are created with the customer in mind. Add more ways for your customers to access the products they want, without having to pay for an extra employee. 

Storage Supply Depot

Sell all of your top-selling storage supplies from one machine with the Storage Supply Depot! The Storage Supply Depot features a high-security outdoor package to reduce the number of break-ins your machine experiences. This includes an alarm, which sounds when the machine is tipped or a door opened without proper authorization. With reconfigurable trays, you can dispense all brand-named products including locks, tape, storage bags and more.

Ebonite Bowling Supplies Vending Machine

Your bowling customers will love having access to their favorite bowling supplies, even with the Pro Shop is not open, with the Ebonite Bowling Supplies Vending Machine. It has the ability to vend a number of popular bowling products of various shapes and sizes including towels, cleaning sprays or wrist bands. Plus, with iVend Guaranteed Delivery, your products are guaranteed to vend, or customers will receive their money back to try a different product.

Auto Vend Plus Car Wash Vending Machine

Finally, the Auto Vend Plus Car Wash Vending Machine is an outdoor vending machine that can be used by customers any time they need car wash supplies. With a versatile design, customers will have access to the car wash supplies they need, no matter what time of day it is. Dispense products of various sizes including towels, sprays or small trinkets. Finally, the high-security package of this vending machine makes it able to withstand the weather and potential vandalism.

Whether you are looking to add income to your business or just looking for an expansion on your shop, has a vending machine to help you grow. To find out more, give us a call at 1-800-548-1982.

Free Vending for Business Owners

Free Vending for Business Owners

As a business owner, you are always looking for new ways to boost morale among your employees in order to increase the bottom line. This can be through incentives or even an email for a job well-done. Another idea, however, would be to ensure that your breakroom is fully stocked with snacks and beverages. This can be easily accomplished with free vending machines for your business.

As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. That is why we have made our Full-Service Program absolutely free for you. In fact, you do not even have to worry about ordering vending machine servicing. Our operators will stock the machine with your favorite snacks, drinks or food, so you can keep your employees full and focused throughout the day. 

There are many advantages to having a vending machine in the workplace. One of the biggest advantages is increased productivity. Instead of taking time out of the day to go to a convenience store for a snack or beverage, employees can take a few minutes, go to the machine and go right back to work. It will allow them to spend more time working on projects and less time searching for food and drinks.

Of course, not every business will qualify for free vending machines. In order to qualify, your business must have a minimum of 30 employees, or be in a high-traffic location, such as a mechanic’s shop. This way, the operators will be able to justify placing a vending machine in your business and keeping it there for the long-haul. 

A vending service in your office should not be a burden to you. That is why wants to help connect you to an operator to place a machine in your business and help you increase employee morale. Get started today by filling out this form or calling us today at (866) 657-7549.

Making Vending Easy prides itself taking care of our customers. is backed with over 80 years of manufacturing experience.  By purchasing our brand new equipment we want you to feel that you are in good hands. We are here to answer any questions you have and to share our advice. We serve many different types of customers. assists those looking to buy their first machine for their business, so they can keep all the profits. Others are looking for a vending service with new machines equipped with card readers for their employees and customers’ convenience. We also serve many people looking to jump-start their own vending business. Whatever your needs, we are your Vending Coaches! 

We not only coach you over the phone but we provide our white glove delivery service to save our customers the stress of moving their machines into their locations. We will unload your machine off the truck and bring it inside your location. We will unwrap your machine and take it off the wooden shipping skids. In summary, we will deliver your brand new, pristine vending machine right to the exact spot you want in your location.

Not only will you have the white glove delivery service, free coaching through the life of your machine, but you will also have lifetime technical support. We have over 350 service centers in the U.S. ready to help you. We hope you see that it is our priority to value and take care of all our customers. Call us today at 1-855-981-9367 to see how we can help you will ALL your vending needs!

Teaching Hard Work to the Next Generation

What was your first job? What was it like? How did it impact your view of work? An important part of growing up is learning how to work hard. We all wish earning money was easy but that’s just not reality. Vending is a great way to teach hard work and responsibility to your family. It doesn’t take extensive education to service a vending machine, teens are very capable of helping a family vending business. Teaching hard work to kids when they’re young can set them up for a successful future.

Vending is simple to get into and can be very profitable for you and your family. However, there are no shortcuts and putting in work is necessary. There are many family-run vending businesses across the country, where families work together to service their machines and reap the rewards. equipment offer great profitability but they take time and energy to remain full with product. Not only does it take time to refill machines with product it takes research and intentionality to know what to sell in your machines. Machines poorly maintained show negatively on your business and if it’s a family business, possibly on your family too. Vending is a great opportunity to teach young people the value and importance of responsibility.

While vending is work, the profits make it all worth it. As a vendor there’s nothing like taking a thick wad of cash out of the bill box and seeing the fruits of your labor. Working is hard, but it’s important and has its rewards. Seeing and experiencing the rewards of hard work is great motivation to continue working hard. The money you earn will mean much more to you and used more responsibly than money that was just given to you. is here to help you before you begin vending as a family and throughout the life of your machines as well. We want you to have the best experience vending. We are available to honestly answer any questions you have about the industry or our equipment. Give us a call today at 1-855-365-0906.