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A Peek into’s Customizable Vending Machines

Vending machines can be custom-made and designed specifically to meet the needs and preferences of customers. Custom vending machines can sell specialized products such as electronics, clothing, laundry products, carwash items, bowling accessories, and more! With the right design and implementation, customized vending machines can increase revenue and build customer loyalty. At, we have specialized vending machines you can design for your own needs; below, check out some of our custom-made vending machines!

  1. Sani-Center Plus Vending Machine

Provide consumers with easy and safe access to PPE (personal protection equipment), medical supplies, disinfecting supplies, and safety products with the Sani-Center Plus vending machine. This vending machine offers a contactless, seamless transaction, enabling consumers to receive access to essential PPE and safety products through a contactless payment option without waiting in checkout lines or interacting with a cashier.

In addition, you can vend various popular medical supplies and safety products with the Sani-Center Plus vending machine, including latex gloves, disinfectant wipes, kleenex, medical masks, hand sanitizer, bandaids, and other PPE supplies.


  • The Sani-Center Plus vending machine stands out at any location with a custom graphic wrap explicitly branded for your business.
  • According to research by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), contaminated surfaces and objects, including dollar bills and coins, present a transmission risk for some infectious diseases. This has accelerated consumers’ preferences from making contact payments, such as cash, to contactless, cashless payments. Through Greenlite, our cashless payment system, the Sani-Center Plus features cashless payment to provide consumers with a contactless and safe payment transaction experience. 
  • Greenlite allows payment for products with debit cards, credit cards, or mobile wallets such as Google Pay and Apple Pay. Mobile wallet platforms use NFC (near-field communication) to power contactless payments. With NFC, consumers just tap their phone to a terminal, such as a Greenlite device, and the transaction is completed.
  • Features configurable flex trays, enabling you to offer products of various shapes and sizes, including mini sanitizers, small spray bottles, medical face masks, and sanitizing wipes.


  1. MarketOne Fitness Merchandiser 

Sell all the products your customers need before, during, and after their workouts with the MarketOne Fitness Merchandiser! Increase your profits by dispensing a variety of fitness products and product sizes, including pre and post-workout supplements, beverages, towels, gloves, earbuds, and additional workout gear 24/7! 


  • Attractive merchandising window and an optional 7” touchscreen including product calorie information, video ad capability, and a shopping cart mode. 
  • It has an excellent health safety feature with a Solid Shield Extended Warranty.
  • This vending machine has an iVend Guaranteed Delivery System that ensures that all items will vend, or they will get their money back. 
  • This vending machine has a heated glass and is ENERGY-STAR-rated.
  • With the optional add-on locker, you can provide customers with large items that may not fit into the MarketOne Fitness Merchandiser.
  • Consumers can pay using the standard coin and bill acceptor or PayRange, a mobile payment system enabling consumers to make payments directly from their mobile phones.
  • The optional Greenlite cashless payment system attracts more consumers and allows them to pay with credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, or Google Pay. 


  1. AutoVend Plus Car Wash Vending Machine

Maximize your car wash product sales 24/7 with the AutoVend Plus Car Wash Vending Machine! Vend car wash supplies and car care products all in one machine. Grow your sales with this outdoor vending machine. With 24/7 access, customers can purchase products they need outside business hours. This convenience makes for happy and returning customers. 


  • With its versatile design, it can dispense various types of products and a range of sizes, from small trinkets to detail sprays and even large towels.
  • Rugged all steel construction with high-security package guards against weather and vandalism.
  • Offer customers up to 45 product selections. 
  • Easy-to-change coils for various-size products.
  • The optional Greenlite cashless payment system attracts more consumers and allows them to pay with credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, or Google Pay. 


  1. Bowling Vending Machine

Strike out with your customers with our bowling vending machine! Eliminate the long lines your customers have to wait to purchase the necessary bowling items and cut costs by having to hire additional employees. Give your bowling customers the option to purchase items they need to play their perfect game without waiting in a long line at the counter. Accommodate their needs by supplying 24/7 bowling accessories such as socks, towels, cleaning sprays, and more! 


  • Consumers can pay using the standard coin and bill acceptor or PayRange, a mobile payment system enabling consumers to make payments directly from their mobile phones.
  • It is equipped with a standard credit/debit card reader.
  • This vending machine has an iVend Guaranteed Delivery System that ensures that all items will vend, or they will get their money back. 
  • Customize your machine with a graphic wrap to stand out and grow your branding. 


  1. MarketOne 35 Select Laundry Center

Add profit to your laundry establishment with the MarketOne 35 Select Landry Center Machine without adding another employee to sell products from behind the counter. Offer your customers their favorite detergents, fabric softeners, and laundry cleaning products in different sizes. Become your customer’s main go-to for all laundry products. This is an ideal way to increase profits and customer satisfaction. 


  • Pull-out tilt trays are adjustable to fit many shapes of products. They make it simple to load the machine so you can always maintain product supplies in the machine easily.
  • Electronic coin changer and bill acceptor gives customers the convenience of not having the correct change.
  • Offer your customers 35 different product options. 
  • It is equipped with an iVend Guaranteed Delivery system along with built-in security. 

Final Words

Increase your business’s profits with custom-made vending machines. Whether you are looking to design your own vending machine in vend supplies for special business needs such as laundry products, bowling accessories, or car wash items, we have the vending machines you need. Check out our customized vending machines to expand your business, or call us today at 1-855-929-1042 to let us specialize in the right machine for you.

VC Blog

Full-spectrum vending machine and vending solutions supplier


How Do Vending Solutions Contribute To Business Success?

Vending is more than the machines, installation and operation, and maintenance. The vending solution you choose extends your identity as an entrepreneur or business, which goes beyond the latest features and newest technology. It also needs to be equipped to

  • Serve your customers better – take care of your customers in the most efficient way possible by enhancing the customer experience through the latest technology and features.
  • Further your business objectives – the ideal solution helps you achieve more sales, more profits, more customers, repeat customers, more avenues for monetization, etc.
  • Advocate your brand – vending solutions are an essential and easily customizable part of your real estate. With the right partner, you could increase your brand’s recall with the appropriate audience. 
  • Reflecting your business’ vision –the way we treat our customers reveals a lot about us, the most important being the business’ stability and plans for the future.
  • Representing your identity –providing an inclusive and accessible customer experience indicates the values that drive you and your business. 

You need a full spectrum vending solutions provider to achieve all of this, and more. – The Full Spectrum Vending Solutions Provider

We are committed to assisting our customers with their business needs. We are focused on understanding what customers seek from their vending solution – in terms of business objectives. We recommend solutions that complement their business objectives. We want you to succeed and constantly think of ways to make this easier for our customers. For example, our profit calculator helps prepare you for your business venture by giving you an estimated number of vends needed before turning a profit.

Our vending solutions creates value for all stakeholders

  • Vending solutions: We have dispensers for snacks, beverages, frozen foods and coffee. Plus, our custom solutions reimagine the limits of items that could be stocked, including eyelashes, live bait vending and bowling products, to name a few.
  • Designing: Find solutions that fit your needs like a glove. We are drawing on our decades of experience and the latest technology for our customers. For example, our custom vending solutions serve the self-service retail domain. We cover diverse end-use locations like bowling alleys, self-serve laundry, car wash centers and more.
  • Engineering and Manufacturing: We invite you to experience our 350,000 square foot facility used for engineering, manufacturing, warehousing, selling, financing and vending management.
  • In addition to having the infrastructure, people, and expertise, our service, support and maintenance department is put in place to serve vending businesses long after their purchase has been made.
  • Research & Development: Our in-house R&D works on hardware, software, payment systems, user interfaces, access technologies, product security, and merchandise delivery mechanisms. 
  • Parts: Vendnet is a dedicated vending machine service provider that services vending parts. Be it to replace parts or upgrade your machine, Vendnet is here to help guide you every step of the way.
  • Financing: Making credit available is a business need. Making it available on time with easy documentation is helpful. Providing flexible repayment plans is good. Doing all of this and helping customers profit from day one is excellent. is excellent and dedicated to bringing affordable financing alternatives that fit the needs of each individual customer.
  • Business Support: serves the customer and the industry. We work in close collaboration with multiple entities across technology, merchandising, distribution, etc., to meet or exceed customer expectations with the exact solutions they need.
  • Custom Vending Machines: Have a unique vending requirement or use case? We have the solution for you.
  • Legacy: is a part of the Wittern Group, which has delivered vending solutions since 1931. We have transformed the vending experience and made our customers more successful.
  • Resources: We make available helpful content around setting up and running the machines in the form of videos and documents. Sample our training videos or check out our blogs to look for industry news and vending ideas.

What Does A Full-Spectrum Vending Solutions Provider Like Provide?

We cover all aspects that deliver business success for our customers. We help our customers 

  • Gain a competitive edge with new features 
  • Reduce machine purchase costs through constant innovation 
  • Reduce running costs by using high-quality materials
  • Ensure business continuity with support
  • Reduce the threshold for investments with our used machines
  • Maximize value for their investment with our refurbishment know-how

We also comprehensively cover all of the tactical bits. For example, our seven manufacturing lines are capable of creating over fourteen snack machines, soda drink machines, cold and frozen vending satellites, coffee machines, and more. 

We also complement our customer’s business development strategy by being the single stop for all vending-related plans. This means that while we provide all of the necessary ingredients for success, we also save them time and money while doing it. 

Experience The Benefits of a Full Spectrum Vending Solutions Provider is a proven, single-source solution for all vending requirements. We look forward to answering your questions on our offerings and brainstorming to achieve your business objectives. Contact us now to know more.


Full Profit Vending Program

What does a full profit vending program look like? How much can you, hypothetically, make from your vending machine? Check out our price recommendations below.

Can cold drinks (Major Brands)
Vend Price———————————————————————————————-$1.25
Cost per can———————————————————————————————–.32
Profit per can————————————————————————————.93

Bottle cold drinks (16.9oz-Major Brands)
Sale/Vend Price—————————————————————————————$1.50
Cost per bottle——————————————————————————————-.67
Profit per bottle——————————————————————————–.83

Bottled Water-#1 Selling Beverage (16.9oz)
Sale/Vend Price—————————————————————————————$1.25
Cost per bottle——————————————————————————————-.13
Profit per bottle——————————————————————————-1.12

Chips-Top Name Variety Pack (50 Ct.)
Sale/Vend Price—————————————————————————————-$1.25
Cost per bag———————————————————————————————–.28
Profit per bag————————————————————————————.97

Candy-Top Name Variety Pack (30 Ct.)
Sale/Vend Price—————————————————————————————$1.25
Cost per candy bar————————————————————————————–.70
Profit per candy bar—————————————————————————.55


For more information, contact by calling 1-800-548-1982.

The Magic of a Literary Vending Machine

As an educator, one encourages children to let their minds run wild and exercise their creative minds. And, being creative allowed the students and educators of Northeast Elementary School in Owasso, Oklahoma to think outside of the box when it comes to vending machines and rewards systems. 

Amanda Sordo, the school’s librarian, saw an idea from a neighboring school in which books are used in vending machines, as opposed to snacks.  The idea behind this vending machine was to provide a reward for students who have done an act of kindness for another student within the school. Sordo says, “This vending machine gives kids an opportunity to recognize other kids for the goodness they see in them. Kids write notes, which are put in a box, and then I am drawing ten names a day to give kids free books.” 

From there, students receive tokens to vend a book from the vending machine. This way, kids can build their at-home library by simply performing a good deed. 

The book vending machine builds excitement for the kids when it comes to reading, but it does so much more than that. Sordo goes on to say, “These kids are reading the good things that people see in them. It’s building morale, lowering bullying and it’s getting kids to read books. It’s an all-around good thing.”

When it came to the exterior design of the vending machine, one thing was for certain. It had to be customizable to include artwork that was provided by the kids themselves. “It was really important for the kids to have a big part in the design process,” Sordo says. “None of the other schools are even thinking to use the kids’ artwork like that. It turned out a lot better than I expected.” 

The students played a huge role in the book vending machine. A fundraiser was held in which they received more than enough to purchase the vending machine. Additionally, the students of Northeast Elementary School submitted artwork in the schoolwide contest. This artwork was then taken to social media, where people could vote for the top three designs. 

The word of the book vending machine quickly spread across Oklahoma by way of social media, local news outlets and various email communications. This has led to other schools in the area considering installing a book vending machine. If anyone is looking for advice on how to go about installing a book vending machine, Sordo offers a couple of tips. One is to be aware that one of the most challenging aspects of the machine is stocking it with books that will appeal to a wide range of students, including picture books and chapter books. The other piece of advice Sordo offers is to hold a fundraiser in order to involve the students. 

When asked about the process of working with, Sordo says it was easy and accommodating. All of the questions were answered quickly and worked quickly. The process to add the artwork to the machine was also a simple task. When setting up the machine, we ran into a few issues. I worked with Vendnet,’s service group, to get it set up. They were very helpful and made the process easier.

Thinking outside the box when it comes to rewarding students for their good deeds is so important. Amanda Sordo and the staff at Northeast Elementary School were able to accomplish just that. With the help of, they are able to provide students with books, while building character. can help you think outside of the box when it comes to vending a variety of needs. For questions, contact Todd Carber at (515) 271-8384 or

Break The Mold with Custom Vending Machines

Vending.comIf you have browsed the selection of vending products available at, you likely know already that we proudly offer some of the best drink, snack, and combo vending machines in the industry. However, the world of vending has always expanded beyond sodas and munchies, and many machines conveniently dispense novelty vending items you would have to go to specialty or grocery stores. Fortunately, has expanded with the industry itself, as we offer a quality selection of non-standard vending machines. If you run a bowling alley, you likely deal with customers constantly needing small products such as cleaning sprays and wrist bands. Rather than spend payroll keeping someone behind a counter to provide these goods, you can invest in a bowling vending machine from This convenient product dispenses everything a dedicated bowler needs, and allows your establishment to generate cash long after your day staff has gone home. We also sell vending machines that dispense car care and tobacco products, which allow you to earn income from customers who would otherwise be going to specialty stores for these products.

As you can see, our commitment to quality vending reaches far beyond snack machines. With a wide suite of novelty vending products for any establishment, is proud to help all types of business enjoy steady growth.