Increase Profitability With One Simple Solution

Picture this: you have your MarketOne Snack 6W Vending Machine all set up. You have snack products you know your customers will love and your machine placed in a high-traffic location. Unfortunately, you quickly realize that your sales and vending machine business profits are not as high as you believe they should be. If you know that you have the right products and the right location, you may need to look at something else. It may be that you are not offering the correct payment options.

One of the standard features on all of’s machines is cash and coin payment options. Some of our machines, including the MarketOne series, include PayRange, which is a mobile payment built into the machine’s control board. What about the machines that do not offer any type of cashless payment, though? If you are just relying on cash and coin payments, you could be losing out on sales. In fact, on average, operators are seeing a 30% increase in same-machine sales after adding a cashless payment option. offers a cashless payment option to help increase your vending machine business profits and cater to today’s market. Greenlite Cashless is a card and mobile payment acceptance solution, but it does so much more for your business. It comes with management tools, including machine sales tracking and integrated cash and cashless reporting. Aside from stocking the machine, everything can be done remotely, saving you visits to your vending machine.

Adding Greenlite to your machine is easy! All you have to do is contact your sales representative to get started. Greenlite offers various business options, so simply choose the one that fits your business needs, fill out the appropriate forms and get started!

To find out more information about Greenlite, or any other features has to offer, give us a call at 1-855-981-9367 or contact us here! We cannot wait to help you get started today!

Cashless Vending, More Than Just a Trend

Organizations all over the world have long been looking for new and unique ways to innovate with regards to the types of vending machine products that they rely heavily on daily. When these types of machines are available in many public places wherever you go, it can be difficult for a vending machine manufacturer to really stand out in a crowd. One of the major innovations of the last decade was a machine that accepted credit and debit cards in addition to cash. Now, many companies are moving towards the idea of completely cashless vending for the benefit of consumers everywhere.

What is Cashless Vending?

Thought it may be logical to assume that cashless vending is “just” a vending machine that also takes credit or debit cards, this isn’t entirely accurate. A true cashless vending solution will also accept the types of mobile payment systems that customers are embracing today, like Apple Pay and similar services. Users can swipe their smartphone near an NFC reader located on the machine itself to automatically deduct money from an associated account. This makes the entire vending process easier and more secure than it has ever been.

Greenlite by

greeliteOne bold example of this type of technology at work is the new Greenlite system by It’s a turn-key cashless solution that relies instead on the latest card and mobile payment systems, along with the type of web-based reporting and management tools that allow businesses to increase their return on investment in a very significant way.

One of the biggest advantages of the Greenlite system has to do with the type of machine sales tracking that it offers businesses. In the “old days” of vending machines, you essentially had to use your best judgment regarding which types of products you should be ordering and in what quantities. With machine sales tracking, you now have actionable, real-time information regarding trends, likes and dislikes that are all derived from actual consumer behavior. You can not only tell what products are selling but how quickly and at what times of the day. Businesses no longer have to rely solely on “instinct’ when it comes to making purchasing decisions – they now have actual hard data that they can use instead.

Greenlite also allows businesses to integrate two-tier pricing depending on location. A business might offer a discount on certain items for people who choose to pay with cash, for example. The system also includes helpful alerts that will provide constant updates on the health and status of the machine in question, making it easier to identify when repairs are necessary and when replacement parts need to be ordered.