Your Goals for 2021

A new year is officially upon us. If you have not yet, it is time to make goals for your vending business in 2021. These goals should include focusing on what your customers are craving, both in technology and snacks. Let’s discover what your keys to success look like in 2021.

It cannot be stated enough. Cashless vending is something you cannot afford to skip. Cashless payments, such as through Greenlite or PayRange, not only benefit the customer, but they benefit you as well. Cashless payments mean quicker transactions for you and an increase in same-machine sales. By not providing cashless payment options, you are losing sales and possible customers.

Another trend in 2021 that is predicted to increase is more product transparency. This includes more than simply nutrition information. This is storytelling features on the products you are providing. For example, Vending MarketWatch recently produced an article in which brands are using barcodes or a QR code to give background information about where the product came from. Customers may be more drawn to these products if they are included in your vending machine.

Many people saw an increase in their anxiety, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To help put people at ease in 2021, consider offering products that prioritize immune health. Snacks and drinks that cater to these needs include dark chocolate, orange juice, yogurt and nuts. Put customers at ease with what you provide through vending. The best part? All of these products can be featured through a variety of machines, such as the Express Combo Vending Machine, the MarketOne Snack 6W Vending Machine and the MarketOne 5W Cold Food Elevator Vending Machine. is here to help steer you in the right direction in 2021. For more questions about our vending equipment and services, call us at 1-800-548-1982.

Vending Machine Industry Confidence Index

Vending MarketWatch recently released a new study of the vending industry, the Vending Operator Confidence Index. The aim of this index is to measure the confidence vending operators have in the industry and assign it a positive or negative value. In their first ever index, Vending Market Watch rated the vending industry confidence level at 136.00. The average is 100 so a reading over that indicates various levels of positive outlooks. 136 puts it at a cautiously optimist outlook for the vending industry.

This index will be conducted monthly and give industry members a view of how the overall industry is doing on a more regular basis. The vending industry usually relies on annual reports or smaller studies and the monthly delivery of this survey will certainly give some unique insights into the industry. Having monthly indexes will most likely cause a few unduly high or low points based on industry trends or developments, but it will hopefully draw attention to those developments as well.

With new developments occurring more and more frequently and new vending machines for sale hitting the market, having a way to keep tab on these technological advances and the overall trend of the industry will be very helpful.

New Vending Trends for 2013

New Vending Trends for 2013As with any industry, the world of vending machines is rapidly evolving by the minute. What was once a business based on dispensing gumballs for quarters has evolved into a full suite of diverse services ranging from snack vending machines to fully-featured food machines. has outlined the 5 biggest trends in the vending machine industry for 2013, ranging from new refreshment options to innovative ways of paying for snacks and sodas. The highlighted trends were as follows:

  • Healthy Vending – Read our blog or any vending news source for that matter, and you will immediately notice that healthy vending is here to stay. With new health regulations popping up all over and quality replacements for sugary treats, a good majority of vending machines all over the country are including calorie-conscious snacks.
  • Cashless Vending – Cashless transactions are becoming more and more common in every industry, and vending is no exception. Most current snack machines accept credit cards, and future products will allow for purchases with the swipe of a smartphone.
  • Micro markets – This new-age form of shopping puts a full store’s worth of product at a customer’s fingertips, and will likely complement the vending industry for years to come.
  • Machine Upgrades – Technology is evolving rapidly, and machines are following suit. From flatscreen displays to infra-red product scanners, the vending machines of the future are happening today.
  • Coffee – Customers love coffee. They also love vending machines. The two will make a strong pair for a long time.