AB40 Dual Zone Fitness Merchandiser

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Fitness & Health Vending Machine

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Our Advanced Fitness Vending Machines Complement any Gym or Health Center
Fitness vending machines are a great solution for your business to add profitability to your bottom line. Not only can you secure items for sale, you don’t have to hire staff to do the job a fitness vending machine will do for you. Reduce inventory shrinkage and more accurate inventory counts are the best advantage of our machines. High security machines offer ease of sale for you customers.

  • Adjustable temperatures zones with 20 degree variance
  • Attractive styling bezel with point of sale window
  • Standard peripheral opening for additional payment or POS systems
  • Back lighted keypad with Braille identification
  • Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliant controls and delivery
  • ENERGY STAR® Rated
Selections 40 items standard
Capacity 290 items
Electrical Requirements 115 VAC/60Hz, 9.5 AMPS (230 VAC/50Hz, 4.8 AMPS);
With heated glass option active 115 VAC/60Hz, 10.5 AMPS (230 VAC/50Hz, 5.2 AMPS)
Refrigeration Environmentally Friendly Super 1/3 HP, R-134a or R-513a Closed System
Height 72”(183 cm)
Width 41” (104 cm)
Depth 38” (97 cm)
Shipping Weight *831 lbs. (376.9 kg) *Varies with configuration & options.

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