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Cold & Frozen Food Vending Machines

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Our add-on cold and frozen food vending machines offer a large selection of sandwiches, microwavable meals, dairy products, and ice cream.

ST5000 Cold Food & Drink Vending Machine

ST3000 Cold Food & Drink Vending Machine

Single Temperature Food & Drink Vending Machine

Vend it all from one 5 wide combo food machine. Dairy products, juices, sodas & cold foods.

3 Wide Food & Drink Vending Machine

3 Wide cold food and drink machine vends everything from sandwiches to milk. Your food solution.

ST5000 Cold Food & Drink Outdoor Vending Machine

AB Multi Zone Food Vending Machine

ST5000 Outdoor Food & Drink Vending Machine

This high security outdoor vending machine is the perfect solution for heavy traffic, unattended areas.

AB Multi Zone Food Vending Machine

Vends refrigerated and frozen foods in one compact machine. Air flow technology and the latest in electronic controls.

AB Frozen Food Vending Machine

AB Frozen Food & Drink Vending Machine

Delivers frozen foods in a compact package. The right capacity and the capability to vend hard frozen packaged meals, sandwiches, wraps, deserts and even slack frozen items.

Our goal is to make sure your employees and customers have the best in product choices and variety.

Our food vending machines are your complete food solution for lunchrooms or any place you would like to add cold or frozen food options. Versatile and adjustable trays and selections for varying products gives ultimate customer satisfaction.
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