Why Vending.com

Learn how Vending.com is a trusted top vending machine manufacturer in America, providing quality vending equipment and services.

Business Outlook

When it comes to a successful vending business, it is not just the machines that matter!

Vending machines form a big part of the capital investment in the vending business. At Vending.com, we not only sell vending machines, but we also help the vending business realize its true potential. From financing your purchase to equipment upkeep and getting the right location for your vending machine, we are with you all the way.


After 90 years in the vending industry, we are invested in its success.

As a part of The Wittern Group, Vending.com shares its legacy in driving the success of the vending services industry. We have become a top vending machine manufacturer in America by serving large businesses and individual machine owners with the same level of enthusiasm. We aim to help entrepreneurs harness the power of vending technology to create wealth through excellent customer experience.


Innovation is not just our habit. It is in our culture.

Vending.com has always raced ahead of alternatives in bringing new technology to vending equipment. Our nine decades of R&D, combined with the drive to maximize value for our customers and theirs, helps us build reliable vending machines.

Make a Decision

Investing in a vending machine is the beginning of a business partnership.

Be it growing a profitable vending business or starting a new one, we know the decisions are not easy. Everything from the source of capital to the reliability of aftermarket service and cost of ownership can impact your business. Vending.com partners with its customers to help them make necessary decisions that will help customers succeed.


Our success and stability come from yours!

The Empire State building has been serving the American economy since 1931. It is a symbol of innovation, progress, strength, and reliability. We share these traits with the historic landmark. Our rock-solid stability lets our customers bet big on their ventures in the vending industry.


We bring all the ingredients that catapult your vending business to success.

Vending.com works with our customers throughout the lifecycle of the solutions it provides. From financing your purchase to providing aftermarket service and support, we are with you all the way to building a profitable vending business. We invest in innovation through our R&D initiatives. We do our manufacturing near our customers. And we have a product each to meet all the diversified needs of the industry. In the vending space, we are the whole package.

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