More than 90 years of automatic merchandising
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The vending machine history of the Wittern Group is a legacy of firsts, from the patent of the free portion penny peanut machine in 1937 to some of the most advanced technologies you will find in vending.

  • First manufacturer to produce a vending machine to dispense change.
  • First manufacturer to implement gum and mint trays in its snack machines.
  • First full-line manufacturer to make bill validation standard on all equipment.
  • The only vending machine manufacturer to provide in-house financing.
  • First producer of the “flex tray,” allowing reconfiguration of dividers, helixes and motors.
  • First manufacturer to implement the split helix coil allowing more items to be dispensed from the same selection.
  • First to patent the “combo vend” feature for vending whereby two items are dispensed from the same purchase.
  • First manufacturer to produce a “true” 7-shelf, glass front merchandiser.
  • First to successfully implement and market satellite equipment operated by a host machine.

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