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The Wittern Group

From the original dream of founder F.A. Wittern in 1931 our company has produced over 2 million vending machines with operations worldwide. Factory Direct Vending provides high quality vending supplies along with equipment, parts, service and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. More people own vending machines manufactured by our company than any other vending equipment today. Our vending equipment and programs add up to a smart investment.

New vending machines and used vending machines for your business. Snack vending machines, soda vending machines, coffee vending machines, candy vending machines, food vending machines, healthy vending machines, Juice and cold drink vending machines and custom made vending machines. We offer vending machine financing, parts, service, training education and marketing services for vending machine operators.

Whether you are starting a vending business or have an existing vending company, a business owner wanting to purchase your own vending equipment or a company or organization needing free vending service provided, our vending industry experts can help.


The new MarketOne Coffee Vending Machine is our state of the art hot beverage vendor sure to please everyone’s coffee tastes and help kick start their day

Whether you are vending:

  • Coffee
  • Decaf
  • Tea
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Espresso
  • Cappuccino
  • Cafe Mocha

We have what you are looking for with up to 36 different hot beverage combinations for more customer satisfaction.

MarketOne Snack 6W Snack Vending Machine

Snack Vending Machines for break rooms, lunch areas, waiting rooms, entry ways or any where you want snacks available.

Are you looking to vend candy, chips, gum, cereal bars, snack cakes and more? We have the answer for you with several sizes in our Factory Direct snack vending machine line. No matter what size location you are working with, we have your snacking solution.

Soda Vending Machines let you vend soda, juice, milk, tea, gatorade, water and so much more.

Our Factory Direct soda vending machines are the perfect solution for your drink vending needs. With multiple size and drink configurations, we’re sure to have what you are looking for to provide your customes the best vending options.


Combo Vending Machines for snacks, food, drinks, frozen foods, dairy or any combination in multiple sizes or configurations.

Offer your customers more choices in vending! Whether you are looking for one compact machine, or a combination of a snack vender with a sattelite drink machine, we have what you need for complete vending satisfaction. Our combo vending machines are the best choice for food, snack, or drink sales.

Cold & Frozen Food Vending Machines vend sanwhiches, ice cream, yogurt, pizza, fresh fruit and more.

Our cold and frozen food vending machines are perfect for any areas you need cold food vending or frozen food selections that are great customer pleasing options for your business. Whether you already have a food service, or are looking to start one, with our frozen food vending machine you will be able to offer customers frozen treats any time they are in the mood. Call today and find out how easy it is to start your own food vending service.

Cold & Frozen Food Vending

Custom Designed Machines

We design and manufacture custom vending machines starting with your original idea or concept. Showcase your company and products while enjoying security and accountability. Dispense your products at multiple locations!

Custom vending machines draw attention to your brand or logo selling products to a targeted market. We can customize any of our machines to draw attention to promotion of your business. Sell products, snacks, or drinks all while displaying your logo or raising money for you favorite charity. Call today to find out how easy it is to customize a vending system to your specifications.

Used Vending Machines

Used Vending Machines – factory remanufactured vending equipment with one year parts warranty and lifetime technical telephone support.

Are you looking for a new vending machine, but can’t afford new vending machine prices? We have a full line of factory remanufactured – used vending machines sure to fit your needs and your budget. Give us a call today to find out how simple it is to purchase used snack, drink, food, or combo vending machines without breaking your budget.


Healthy Vending

Looking for snack, food, or drink options for your vending business that provides healthier products. Our healthy vending machine promotes the benefits of eating better foods to stay fit for life. Let our team of sales experts show you the best solution with our healthy vending machine to promote your message.

Our customizable healthy vending machines are the best choice for gyms or health clubs, schools, day care programs or any place healthier choices are required.

Vending Machine Financing

Vending machine financing is easy and a great way to start making profits from the very beginning. The profit from only a few vends per day can easily cover your monthly finance payment-all the rest is yours. This way your vending machine can essentially buy itself for you.

Financing options:

  • No money down
  • 90 days until first payment
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Interest free plans
  • Seasonal plans
  • 12,24,36 and 48 month terms
  • 90 days same as cash

We also accept:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Company check
  • Personal Check
  • Check by phone
  • Money orders Wire Transfers
  • Company purchase orders

Call today to discuss vending machine financing terms with our expert staff. We help you every step of the way. Financing your vending machine has never been easier.

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