Custom Graphics: Vending Machines Wraps

Add eye-catching personalized graphics to your vending machine to attract more customers and increase sales! Your customers want to purchase items from vending equipment that is more than a plain, black vending machine. Instead, let us help you design a custom vending machine graphic or wrap that is meaningful to your business and your location. Work directly with our marketing team to design, print and install a custom sticker graphic at our factory as soon as your new vending machine gets off the production line.


Whether your machine is located in a mall, a mechanic shop or a college, we ensure customers across all industries get a personalized vending machine that they can be proud of. Did you know that, aside from offering a vibrant machine, you can increase your machine sales with vending machine sticker graphics? Customers have been found to purchase items from a unique vending machine over a plain one that blends into its surroundings.

Get started today! Our marketing team is available to help you design the right graphics for your vending machine or we can work with a design team of your choice. Gain recognition through your machine by adding your logo to it or even add a school mascot to your machine. Whatever you dream up, we will make it come to life!

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