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Vending Service that Donates to a to rescued animals!

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Free vending machine service to generate donations for rescued animals.

Brand New Machines and excellent Professional Service with your choice of refreshments!

Vending 4 Pets invites your customers and employees to support a local shelter or rescue league through the purchases they make from your vending service. Simply have us place our vending machines in your business. We fully maintain and stock them with your choice of snacks – drinks and donate to an organization of your choice! Choose your favorite snacks, drinks, pastries, food, bottled water and even healthy vending items. 100% of the donation box and 10% of the profits are donated. Our vending machines are ADA compliant in accordance with the American Disabilities Act.

Attention: Animal Shelters and Animal Welfare Organizations!
Receive monthly donations from our vending machines placed not only in your facility, but all over your community displaying your logo. Donation for Animal Shelters & Animal Welfare 

About Our Vending Service

Vending 4 Pets, A Wittern Group Company based in Des Moines Iowa provides high quality vending service in all 50 states to benefit animal shelter and rescue leagues in your area. There is no cost to the business or to the recipient of the donations. Our company has served the needs of the vending industry since 1931 with thousands of satisfied customers.

We provide vending services for snacks, sodas, drinks, cold or frozen foods, pet supplies, or whatever your vending needs may be. With every purchase, feel secure in knowing you are helping an animal shelter or rescued animal in your community. The benefits of our services far out-way traditional vending avenues. Flexibility with our programs and vending machine options make us the right fund raising vending choice. Call today to find out how we can help.


We can design a vending program that is right for you.

Vending Fundraising Program for Charities & Nonprofits

Vending 4 Pets Has Made Headlines!

Our charitable pet vending machine service is your answer when it comes to raising money for local pet adoption facilities. Pet shelters all over the US are needing extra funds for cost of operation. Your business can help ease animal shelter’s burden by raising money through vending. Give your customers snacks & drinks and they can donate extra cash with the convenience of a donation box. It couldn’t be easier. Colorful graphics on the machines draw customers in and show them details of the organization being helped. Organizations are pleased with the vending services and are writing articles for the news, making headlines everywhere.

See what satisfied customers are saying about our service.

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  • Animal Shelterning
  • Atlanta Humane Society
  • Washington Animal Rescue League
  • Save-A-Pet

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! There is no cost to you what-so-ever for the vending equipment or service. Your customers and employees simply make purchases from the vending machines as they wish.

It is your choice! You select every item! We want to vend what you want to enjoy.

Our products are market priced for your area. You will pay no more than similar vending machines in your community.

Yes. We are vending experts and will coordinate all aspects for a smooth transition.

 It will take about two weeks from the time you grant us permission before the vending machines arrive.

Vending 4 Pets is a vending service that takes care of all the vending machine details so you don’t have to. Let us show you how easy it is to raise money for animal shelters in your area.

Vending Machines

Get more features & flexibility in equipment for convenience, product variety and more customer satisfaction. We are the world’s largest manufacturer of individually owned vending equipment. Vending machines for your business are a great way to achieve your fundraising goal and help local pet shelters with their funding needs. Take advantage of our factory direct programs Vending 4 Pets offers. Whether you need snack vending, drink vending machines, or cold and frozen food combination vending machines, we have what you are looking for. Most equipment models come standard with delivery sensor technology guaranteeing selection delivery or customer is refunded their money.
Vending 4 Pets can help raise money for your local shelter and be a valuable service for vending customer satisfaction. Call today for your answer to the best vending service available. 1-855-622-6694


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