Greenlite Cashless

A Flexible Cashless Payment Solution for Your Business

A turn-key cashless solution incorporating the latest in card & mobile payment systems and valuable web-based reporting & management tools to help make your vending service more profitable.

Greenlite Cashless

This Greenlite vending mobile payment and credit card reader is a solution for vending machines with cost-saving telemetry & data management tools.

  • Please your customers by accepting their debit & credit cards and mobile payment preferences
  • Totally Secure
  • 24/7 Anywhere Management
  • Machine Sales Tracking
  • Integrated Cash & Cashless Reporting
  • Alerts for Machine Health and Status
  • Two-Tier Pricing (Discount for Cash)
  • Daily Bank Deposits (Your Money Quick)
  • Optional Data Features for Route Management

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Be More profitable

  • Increase same machine sales
  • Don’t miss the cashless sale
  • Sell more premium products
  • Reduce your operating costs with remote monitoring

Cashless Realities

  • Customers are carrying less cash
  • More cashless transactions occuring every day
  • Mobile Wallet use is growing

Getting started is easy

  • Call your sales representative and let them know you’d like to get started with the Greenlite vending machine card reader solution.
  • Select the Greenlite cashless payment system options that suit your business needs.
  • Complete the necessary forms to get your Greenlite solution up and running and your new found profits routed to your account.
  • Your Greenlite vending machine card reader will be fitted to your machine at the factory.

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