Grow Your Business While Sticking to Your Budget

Grow Your Business

Purchasing vending machines is no small task. Depending on your business goals, your budget, and how you want to grow your business, it may not make financial sense to purchase brand new vending machines. has a select number of used vending machines to help people grow their vending business without stretching their budget too thin.

Whether you are purchasing a new or used vending machine, makes the purchasing process as simple as we can for you. Our used vending machines are factory remanufactured and certified by our trained experts to meet the industry’s highest standards for maximum performance. You should not have to sacrifice quality and service when purchasing a used machine. is still here to help you every step of the way.

Just because you are not purchasing brand new vending machines for sale does not mean that you have to sacrifice vending machine quality. has a number of used snack, drink or combo vending machines available for purchase. No matter what your vending requirements are, we have a used vending machine to help fit your business needs. Our used vending machine inventory is constantly changing, so contact us today to learn about our available vending options

Support is still key when it comes to purchasing a used factory remanufactured vending machine from That is why we offer 100% financing on our used machines. We also offer a 1-year warranty on our vending machines and a 90-day parts warranty on coin acceptors, bill acceptors and control boards. As always, our service and parts support is available, including a video library, parts and service manual and more. wants to ensure that you are on track with how you want to grow your vending business so that your business will be a success. That is why we offer used vending machines that do not stretch your budget too thin. Contact us at 855-929-1131 to find out more.

Investing in Used Vending Machines

When people think about used equipment, normally the images that immediately come to mind are negative ones. After all, who among us hasn’t purchased a used computer or television set or some other item over the years only to run into irritating (and costly) issues down the road? Certain companies are proving, however, that you need to throw these preconceived notions out the window – at least as far as vending machines are concerned. Investing in used vending machine equipment is a decision that brings with it a host of different benefits that can’t be ignored.

green check markBuying with Confidence

Companies like take guesswork out of the equation by only selling used vending machines that have been factory remanufactured by trained professionals. Every snack machine, drink machine or other piece of used vending equipment is certified to meet industry high standards. Not only does this allow the machine to perform at peak efficiency at all times, but it also gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve got a machine that you can rely on.

green check markWarranties

Another one of the reasons why it makes sense to invest in used vending machines has to do with the types of warranties that these items normally come with., for example, offers a one year warranty on all machines and a 90 day parts warranty on control boards, coin acceptors, bill acceptors and other important components.

green check markCost Effective and Environmentally Friendly

Perhaps the most important reason to invest in a used vending equipment has to do with the cost effectiveness of your decision. 100% vending machine financing is often available on these items and you’re usually getting a machine that is just as good as a brand new option at a drastically reduced price. Oftentimes it only requires as little as five sales a day to run into profits on these machines.

More than that, investing in used machines means that you’re also making the decision to recycle. These used machines go back out into the population where they can be of good use and they won’t sit in a factor (or a landfill) without a purpose.

These are just a few of the many reasons why investing in a used vending machine may be the right choice for your business. Not only do you get a high quality, factory remanufactured and certified piece of equipment, but you also get to add a well-stocked and properly executed vending machine to your business in the most cost effective way possible.

There’s No Stopping The Social Vending Revolution by Retailers

Social media reaches into the homes, smartphones, tablets, and thoughts of every person daily. However, people do not usually equate social media with vending machines, yet that is exactly what is happening. Vending machine manufacturers have seen the uptick in use of social media as a vending machine campaign to expand their current market. The social vending industry requires users to perform a given task on social media in the hopes of winning a prize. Finding a vending machine for sale doesn’t quite describe how the masses have responded to the use of social media vending machine campaigns.

All-Star Prizes and the Cincinnati Reds

With baseball season officially in full swing, the Cincinnati Reds want to show appreciation to their fans, and a social media vending machine campaign was an excellent option. Users would line up at the vending machine, and the machine would generate a unique Twitter hashtag for @AllStarGame. The vending machine provider would then randomly select All-Star Prizes for different people using the corresponding unique hashtag.

Fans won a variety of prizes, which included autographed baseballs by players in the Hall of Fame, former All-Stars, and current Reds players. In fact, at least one person won tickets to the iconic All-Star Game in July 2015.


New Balance’s Free T-Shirt Promotion

Another social media vending machine is spitting out free t-shirts as a promotional product for a coming New Balance store.  However, some people were skeptical as to if the machine even had any t-shirts at all. Upon reading the Instagram post of one concerned follower, New Balance Philly advised people to try to get to the machine early since it is refilled every morning.

In addition to a free shirt, the Philly New Balance vending machine campaign promises to send out a gift card, valued between $10 and $500, to anyone who happens to score one of the free shirts. The shirts boast white lettering among a red background, and #LoveNBPhilly sends out the message of hitting up the vending machine.


More businesses are looking to increase their profits, and the vast inter-connectedness of social media offers an excellent outlet for combining vending machines and social media. By promoting events, products or services, a vending machine manufacturer can enhance an organization’s image without expensive marketing campaigns. Candy bars and sodas won’t be the only things in a vending machine for sale anymore; the selections will be amazing prizes, free gifts, and opportunities for once-in-a-lifetime events.