Coffee Vending Machine

Coffee Vending Machine

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Coffee shop quality from a vending machine with the push of a button.
With 36 different combinations, customers will be able to choose exactly what they want whether it’s coffee, espresso, cappuccino, cafe latte, cafe mocha, or hot chocolate.

Available in either instant or fresh brew configurations, the Geneva coffee – hot beverage vending machine dispenses a broad menu of premium and specialty coffees, and teas and serves them just the way your customers like them. With a state-of-the-art brewing system and precise ingredient controls, they are ensured a high quality cup each and every time. Buy with confidence the best coffee vending machine on the market from the leading vending machine manufacturer.

  • Small Carbon Foot Print
  • Energy Saving Advanced Power Management System
  • Comprehensive Drink Range
  • Simple User Interface
  • MDB/DEX Communication Capable
  • iVend® Ensured Delivery Sensing Technology
  • European Designed State-Of-The-Art Brewing and Filter System
  • One Touch Servicing
(International electrical specifications available)

Selections Up to 72 different combinations
Cup Capacity 523 – 7 Oz. (210 ml) squat cups Can handle up to 400 – 12 Oz. (355 ml) and up to a maximum lip diameter of 3.55″ (90.5mm)
Payment Systems All industry standard MDB compatible devices
Electrical Requirements Must be a minimum 12 Amp isolated circuit
115 VAC, 60 Hz 10.5 Amps (230 VAC, 50 Hz 5.2 Amps)
Electrical Services 115 VAC, 60 Hz (230 VAC, 50 Hz)
Water Supply Min. 0.8 Bar (80 Kpa) – Max. 1 Bar (1000 Kpa) 15mm water connection with electronic double check valve, industry standard filtration
Height 72″ (183 cm)
Width 28″ (71 cm)
Depth 28″ (71 cm)
Net Weight 340 lbs. (154.2 kg)
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