Calorie Count Regulations Coming into effect

Starting July 1, 2014, all US public schools will have regulations regarding food and drink standards. The Nutritional Standards of All Foods Sold in Schools came about largely because of Michelle Obama’s efforts to decrease childhood obesity.

The law impacts all foods and beverages sold on campus or as part of meal programs during the school day. These foods and drinks may come from the cafeteria, school store, snack bar or vending machines. The new rules therefore introduce new vending machine food and drink regulations to the industry.

The new food requirements call for foods that are whole grains; have fruit, vegetable, dairy or protein products as the first ingredient; or contain 10 percent of the Daily Value for calcium, potassium, vitamin D or dietary fiber.

Drinks can be low fat cow’s milk, soy or rice based products, 100 percent fruit juice, or water. Soda, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, sports drinks and energy drinks are prohibited.

Contact us to learn more about the new vending machine regulations associated with these increased nutritional standards.

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