The Unexpected Advantages of Having a Coffee Vending Machine

There is not an unlimited list of ways to improve employee productivity, increase morale, minimize distractions, and save time and money in an office setting. But, one way to achieve all these goals and more is to install a coffee vending machine in your work, business, reception, or office space. Let’s explore what the more nuanced advantages of having a coffee vending machine are.

  • Harmony. One obvious boon to any shared space is that a coffee vending machine allows every individual to have a beverage to suit their own unique desires, without inconveniencing others. No more worries about who last bought milk, or who forgot to stock decaf: the coffee vending system solves these issues entirely.
  • Diversity. In the same vein as harmony, a coffee vending machine offers the advantage of diversity of beverage options, making each employee’s drink selection effectively unique. Instead of having to settle for a specific office coffee “everyone” will be able to tolerate, a coffee vending machine allows everyone to have exactly the beverage they would like best.
  • Purity. The most common complaint surrounding office coffee is the maintenance involved. Cleaning, washing, servicing, filling, emptying–the list of associated chores never seems to end, and no one relishes these tasks. A coffee vending machine removes all these chores, and the necessity of any employee having the burden of performing them.
  • Thrifty. While the initial outlay for a coffee vending machine may be greater than the weekly cost for coffee supplies, the savings that can be realized over even the course of a few months is significant.
  • Clarity. This vending machine advantage is obvious. Caffeine (when used appropriately) is a mental stimulant. Even the simple act of taking a short break and getting refreshment provides employees with an opportunity to reset and re-energize, even if they partake in a non-caffeinated selection. Additionally, by providing a high-quality coffee vending machine on site, employees no longer need to take lengthy, distracting breaks to walk or even drive to the nearest coffee shop.

Coffee vending machines are showing up in every imaginable venue–from the office break room to the automotive shop waiting room to simply sitting alongside other quality vending machines. For more information on the machines offered by, please visit our website.