Vending Machines that Don’t Need to Be Restocked

As you expand your vending business, managing inventory gets more and more challenging. When looking at vending machines for sale, consider adding machines that provide services instead of goods and require no inventory.

A few examples of vending machines that require no inventory:

  • Massage chairs: Give customers the chance to pamper themselves for a few minutes during days shopping at the mall or walking through amusement parks.
  • Payphones: While mobile phones have largely made these anachronisms, there are still times that they come in handy. Do you have vending space in a place with poor cell phone service? Do you operate machines in an area where people are likely to leave their phones behind such a pool or water park? Your clients will be glad to have a payphone available.
  • Lockers: The Stuffit storage system is a great vending machine solution for venues that range from skate parks to gyms. Give your customers a safe place to stash their stuff while they enjoy their day out. has a vending machine for sale that fits your route and your business’s needs. Contact us today.