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What’s New in financing vending machines?

I would like to welcome our customers to visit We have recently developed this financial site which is linked to

We believe that is one of the most innovative sites in the vending industry that provides a complete cycle to the vending machine operator. With our connection to, we can now easily service our distributors and our customers. With our new site, you will have access to many different financial menus to help you finance your vending business. Inland Finance and Federal Finance have jointly entered into a standardizing e-commerce applications format.

This site will allow you to enter credit applications, contracts, pay by credit card, or pay by check options via the web. The goal is to provide an e-commerce strategy that is secure and streamlined for the vending industry.

If you would like to utilize these new features you will need to call 1-800-236-2929 to get a secure login and password. Lease Warranty

I am always interested in our customer feedback; please feel free to contact me on how we can provide your financial needs to grow your vending business.


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