Four Year Parts Warranty:

  1. The Leased Vending Machine Equipment in this program shall be covered by a warranty on parts only for four (4) years from the date of shipment. The terms of the warranty are set forth in’s Value Added Program Warranty, which can be accessed: (By Clicking Here)
  2. This warranty does not include shipping costs for replacement parts.


  1. The Customer Assurance Program additionally provides the Lessee with the opportunity to schedule an annual inspection of the Leased Vending Machine Equipment for the term of the Lease It is the Customer’s responsibility to call VendNet Technical Support to schedule their inspection.
  2. The Annual Inspection will include the following:
    1. Clean coin mechanism/bill validator/credit card reader;
    2. Clean condenser or evaporator coils on refrigeration units, as appropriate;
    3. Wipe clean interior/exterior of glassfront equipment;
    4. Perform standard test vend (sample selections with all forms of currency (coins, bills & card);
    5. Check electrical connections, including:
      1. Functioning of the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI)
      2. Polarity of electrical outlet servicing the Equipment. The Customer Assurance Program does not include repair or replacement of improper or inadequate wiring in the Customer’s location;
    6. Brush or air-blow clean delivery bin/chute


  1. The Four-Year Parts Warranty and Customer Assurance Program does not include the cost of labor.
  2. Annual Inspection does not include the cost of remedying any problems or defects identified in the Inspection, except as set forth above.
  3. Annual Inspection does not include reconfiguring or relocating leased vending machine equipment. Unauthorized relocation of the Equipment by Lessee shall void the Parts Warranty as set forth above, and eligibility for any future inspections.  To authorize relocation of Equipment after initial delivery, Lessee must first contact and receive authorization from Lessor or Lessor’s designee (855-622-6772).  Any costs associated with relocating equipment shall be solely at Lessor’s expense. For any additional vending service needs, please call (855) 622-6772.

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