Help Children Eat Healthier With Healthy Vending Machines

We’re at the tail end of Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, a recently introduced national observance created to bring the negative health effects of childhood obesity to light. 1 in every 3 children in America are obese – that’s triple the amount of overweight children as there were in 1971!

What’s the reason behind this cosmic shift? Everyone has a theory, but the cause is probably a combination of the increase in processed foods on the market and the lack of physical activity in young people due to technology overload. The devastating effects of childhood obesity run the gamut of damage, from sluggishness and depression, to increased blood pressure and diabetes, and as far as premature heart problems.

So what can we do to help children make healthier, smarter choices? By meeting them on their turf. Children and teens are just looking for convenient, delicious food choices. For example, 7-11 and McDonald’s locations are often populated by young people just looking to “grab a bite.” Vending machines are placed in every school building and recreational center, offering sugar-laden snacks and caffeinated sodas in a dizzying array of colors and shapes.

Offering our young charges healthier options, in the convenience of vending machines is the perfect solution to help bring smarter choices to the masses. Schools across America are already hopping on this trend. Vending machines are doling out fruits, whole grains, filling fiber, and nutrient-filled water. Michelle Obama, former First Lady and childhood obesity activist, has been encouraging schools to nourish not only only children’s minds, but children’s bodies, with healthy, delicious options to combat the usual potato chip and Pepsi lunch.

Vending Machines
If you’d like to learn more about bringing healthier options to your school, hospital, office, etc, please visit the “Healthier Vending Machines” page on our site. By bringing these options to your employees, customers, and students, you’re helping to combat one of the deadliest health conditions in our country. Make a difference today and explore healthier options in your vending!