Vending 4 Pets: Ready to Do Some Dog-gone Good?

Attention: Pet-lovers everywhere! is pleased to introduce you to our latest charitable vending endeavor. We all know there are thousands of homeless, abandoned, and undeniably adorable pets living in local shelters just looking for someone to love. As avid pet-lovers ourselves, we want to help bring relief to shelters that so desperately need our financial assistance to keep their doors open to needy animals.

Therefore, Vending 4 Pets was born! Vending 4 Pets invites your customers and employees to support a local shelter or rescue league through the purchases they make from your vending service. Every time a purchase is made through one of these vending machines for pets, patrons have the opportunity to make a donation to help our furry friends. You gain profits from your machine, the shelter animals gain support, and your patrons feel great about giving to a worthy cause!

Getting this program set up for your machine is simple, painless, and profitable…and comes at no cost to you. It can be applied to any machine.  How does it work? Here are some FAQ’s:


Q: Is this vending machines for pets program really free?

A: Yes! There is no cost to you whatsoever for the vending equipment or service. Your customers or employees simply make purchases from the vending machines as they wish.


Q: What products will be sold from your vending machines for pets?

A: It is your choice! You select every item! We want to sell what you want to enjoy.


Q: How much do the products cost from your vending machines?

A: Our products are market priced for your area. You will pay no more than similar vending machines in your community.


Q: Will you help to have my existing vending service removed?

A: Yes. We are vending experts and will coordinate all aspects for a smooth transition.


Q: How long will it take to get your vending machines installed in our business?

A: It will take about two weeks from the time you grant us permission until the vending machines arrive.


Vending 4 Pets is a vending service that takes care of all the vending machine details so you don’t have to. Let us show you how easy it is to raise money for animal shelters in your area. Get in touch with us to inquire about this vending machines for pets program, or visit this page to learn more.


Vending 4 Pets, A Wittern Group Company based in Des Moines Iowa provides high quality vending service in all 50 states to benefit animal shelter and rescue leagues in your area. There is no cost to the business or to the recipient of the donations. Our company has served the needs of the vending industry since 1931 with thousands of satisfied customers.