How Much Could You Make in Vending?

vending machineHow much money you make from vending will depend on a number of factors. High traffic locations with a soda vending machine, a candy machine and a snack machine will make more than one or two bulk snack machines. Also, some items sell better in certain locales than others. When you see a vending machine for sale and wish to add it to your route, take time to learn about a location and how profitable it is.

Once you have a sense of how much traffic a spot has, use our online calculator to find out what that site will average over a period of a year.

And, don’t be afraid to sell premium products at high price points. Vending Consultants Co. did a study last year of vending machines with items that had profits of $1 or more each. They found that these items are attractive to customers and sell just as well as lower-margin items, meaning you make more over time. The next time you look at vending machines for sale, consider choosing those that can offer those premium items and see your income rise.

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