New Report Reveals People Prefer Snacks Over Dinner!

snack machinesAccording to the Vending Times, a new survey conducted by The Hartman Group reveals that the average consumer has a slight preference for snacks over full meals. The group’s research revealed that 52 percent of food consumption of the United States were snacking occasions, up from 49% in 2010. This new information suggests that Americans much on roughly 2.35 snacks a day, and that snacks are usually taken in towards the end of the day.

What could have sparked this small spurt in snacking habits? Considering the average American lifestyle is becoming more on-the-go, people are likely relying more and more on snack machines to get them through the day, whether it is at work, school, or a shopping mall. Snacks are the precious mini-meals that keep us afloat before dinner time, so it is only natural that more people are enjoying them.

What does this mean for your vending machine business? Well, its an obvious indicator that you should keep your machine stocked with the most popular and calorie-friendly products, as vending machine customer bases are growing every day. If you are looking to enter the vending business and start serving the snack-hungry populous yourself, our vending machines for sale make for an affordable, high-quality place to start. Happy snacking!