Intel Shows Off New Machines at National Retail Federation Exhibit

The Intel Corporation took to the National Retail Federation trade show in New York City to show off a few of the exciting plans the vending machine business has made for 2013. As reported by the Vending Times, the machines on display ranged from new-age concepts to high-tech versions of classic drink and snack machines.

A new coffee vending machine from Costa Coffee turned many heads at the event, as the product serves a coffee shop-sized assortment of hot drinks and uses facial recognition technology to “guess” what an incoming customer might like. The UK-based Costa Coffee company currently has 2,500 machines of this kind in operation. A mainstay in the vending world since the beginning, PepsiCo was also on hand to show off their latest and greatest. Pepsi’s interactive, social-media compatible drink machine was on display at the event, grabbing attention with its unique wireless purchasing options. Pepsi machine users can “gift” their friends a drink simply by texting a special gift code, which can be redeemed at any Pepsi machine that supports the technology. Patrons can also view nutritional information on the machine and play a random-chance game that can win them a free 20 oz. soft drink.

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