Colbert Report Vending Machine

For comedic news anchor, Stephen Colbert, conducting interviews is nothing new. During a recent show, things took an unfortunate twist when Stephen suddenly needed a snack and took a trip to the studio’s vending machine. While deciding on what to purchase, Stephen became angry and frustrated with the machine and started shaking it and rocking the machine back and forth. He was promptly trapped beneath the fallen vending machine and had to call for help; but only help from a celebrity.

Luckily for Colbert, Hollywood star Matt Damon was taking a stroll through the studio and attempted to help Colbert get out from under the vending machine. While he had Matt Damon around though, Colbert decided to take the opportunity to ask Matt about what he had been up to and his new upcoming movie.

The video is very entertaining and an excellent promotion for Matt Damon’s upcoming film. It is also a good reminder not to rock or climb on vending machines! There will not always be a famous celebrity around to help you out (or sit on the machine you are trapped under while you interview them.) wants you to stay safe, enjoy a delicious snack or beverage from a vending machine and meet a celebrity under circumstances that don’t involve being trapped under anything heavy.