Ensuring Profitability through Buying Products

The products you sell and the prices at which you purchase them at go a long way in determining how much money your vending operation makes. Saving what seems like a little bit on an individual product can add up to make a big difference when you multiply it over the amount you will be selling across all your machines.  Also, investing in food that does not spoil fast helps ensure your food will be purchased.

Cold drinks are popular to sell in vending machines. Local grocery stores are great places to look for good prices to compare. It is best not to settle for just one store but to shop around to get the best deal. For snacks, wholesale clubs like Sam’s Club, BJ’s and Costco are cost-effective places to search. Some vending locations will request certain cold food options to be available at their location. In this instance you should be happy to satisfy your customers’ need but also be aware how much money you are spending on the items you are selling. If you decide it does not make financial sense to invest in a cold food vendor and cold food items, try to compromise with the location by filling some snack machine selections with non-refrigerated food products. Try your best to fulfill the niche food items your customer wants at the lowest cost to your vending business. If your location desires lunch products for their employees you can offer sealed packages of tuna and crackers, microwavable soup and individual packages of pasta or rice entrees. These products have a longer shelf life so you will minimize them spoiling and serve your customers’ needs. We do not recommend that new vending operations sell cold or frozen food. Often these niches are not as profitable as soda and snack machines and only larger operations can support them.

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