Guarantee Product Delivery

No vending machine operator wants to receive a call from a mad customer who put money in the machine but didn’t get a product. No vending machine operator wants customers shaking machines and pounding on the glass to get a product they bought to fall. How can a vending operator guarantee product delivery or a refund? We’ve got it. The answer is the iVend Vending Machine Guaranteed Delivery System.

iVend uses infrared receiver and emitter boards to detect whether products have been vended from the tray and have entered the delivery bin. The infrared rays alert the machine when an item has passed through. If the product has not successfully vended after the first coil rotation, the machine will rotate the coils again attempting to vend the product. Even if a product is not placed in every coil selection the machine will rotate the coil an additional time attempting to vend the product, counteracting a mistake loading product. If the item is not delivered, the machine will return the money to the customer. The iVend Vending Machine Guaranteed Delivery System makes sure the product is vended or the customer receives their money.

All of’s machine are equipped with the iVend Guaranteed Delivery System. iVend makes your vending machine much more reliable, reduces service calls, minimizes customers receiving a “bonus” free product and help identify improper loading or coils choices. We would love to talk with you about the reliability of our vending machines and the difference iVend makes. Call us today at 1-855-296-8064.