Simplifying Payment Options for Your Customers

Due to the national coin shortage and vending customers looking to pay for products through a mobile wallet or credit card, many vending businesses must look for other ways to accept payments on their machines. One way to do this is by utilizing PayRange, a leading mobile payment app. This fast and secure app allows customers to purchase products, without carrying around cash or coins.

PayRange, which is a standard feature on our MarketOne vending machines, is a simple app that makes it easy for users to purchase products from your vending machine. Users simply download the app and load money onto the app from a major credit or debit card or Apple Pay, Google Pay or Masterpass. From there, users swipe up to purchase the product or products they desire.

Using PayRange benefits more than just the machine’s customers. It also benefits the machine’s operator. PayRange allows operators to utilize coupons and special promotions to customers, such as the first product free or loyalty points. Operators can build a marketing plan for their business that leads to increased spend by customers. 

As with many payment options, vending operators must have the proper equipment in order to utilize PayRange. This also means creating an account to ensure that they are receiving the money they deserve. PayRange is not free to use, but it does make it easy to help increase sales on your vending equipment and reduces direct contact between your customers and your machine.

Aside from it being a convenience for your customers, providing cashless payment options are a huge benefit to you. Many vending operators have seen an increase as high as 35% on their vending equipment, after adding a cashless option for their machine. Additionally, operators have seen a decrease in operating costs, since many cashless options have reporting features available. By foregoing a cashless option, you are not only doing a disservice to your customers, but to your vending business as well.

PayRange is a simple-to-use app that helps increase revenue on your vending equipment while being easy for your customers to use. To find out more about cashless payment options on your vending equipment, give us a call at 1-800-548-1982 or fill out our contact form.