The Future of Vending

There are a lot of unknowns occurring in the world right now. Some industries and businesses are thriving, while many, unfortunately, are struggling. While the vending industry is facing some challenges during this time, this is also an opportunity to reflect on how the vending industry and your business and grow and thrive. So, what exactly does the high tech future of vending machines look like? Keep reading to find out.

Touch Screen Capabilities

We understand that not all vending machines have the capability to have a touchscreen device on them. If they can, however, your customers will appreciate the fact that they are safe and easy-to-use. Having a touchscreen also ensures your customers do not necessarily have to directly touch your vending machine. For instance, your customers can use a stylus to purchase the products they are craving. This ensures your customers will have very little contact with your machine.

Cashless Payments

The growth of COVID-19 has led to the growth of digital payments. While the chances of COVID-19 being passed between currencies is very low, many people have grown weary of paying with cash or coins. This high tech vending machine shift does not bode well for vending businesses who only accept cash and coin payments.

By not accepting cashless payments, not only are you not catering to your customers’ needs during this time, but you are also losing out on sales. By integrating a cashless card reader into your business, such as Greenlite, you are putting yourself in the position to increase sales, while giving your customers what they need. Greenlite accepts cashless payments including debit cards, credit cards and mobile wallets, such as Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Provide Your Customers with the Necessities

More than likely, customers are not going to stop craving a candy bar or something to drink. However, many customers, stores, offices and health care facilities are needing products outside of just candy and beverages. Give your customers access to not just the products they want, but the products they need with a PPE Sani-Center vending machine. Fill this high tech vending machine with hand sanitizers, face masks and cleaning wipes to keep your customers and your facility safe.

Things are constantly changing. As a vending business, it is your job to change with it. For more information about touch screen capabilities, Greenlite or PPE vending, contact at 1-800-548-1982.