What Vending Machine is Right For You?

What Vending Machine is Right For YouPay vending.com a quick visit, and you’ll be treated to some of the best variety in the entire business. In fact, you may be overwhelmed at our wide selection, which spans everything from snack machines to custom vending machines for car parts and bowling accessories. Just like our vending units themselves, no two businessplaces are exactly the same. Here’s a list of some common establishments filled with vending machines, and what type of unit would suit them best:

Schools: Very few school buildings are without vending machines, and for good reason. Students are always seeking both snacks and drinks, as going from class to class with very short breaks can be rather hectic. A combo vending machine is ideal for a school, as students will enjoy maximum variety even when they don’t have time for lunch.

Offices: You can practically spell “coffee” out of the word office, and the two have been intertwined for decades. Coffee is practically the fuel that office workers run on, and having a coffee vending machine in the office will help everyone stay awake and productive for hours on end.

Specialty Areas: Looking to vend products outside of the realm of snacks and sodas? A custom vending machine is certainly for you. From maintenance products to retail goods, a custom machine will put just about any object at your customers’ fingertips.